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22. For Julie

Julie's POV

Niall had been working late nights and early mornings so he was completely oblivious to what was going on around him. i wasn’t able to stay at work because i was sick at the sight of food, which was very unusual. After a while i got suspisious, my bestie Emma knew i was sick. After failing to convince i went to a doctor they questioned if i could be pregnant. i was surprised because i hadn’t even thought of that. Of course they went and got a test for me and stood by my side as Niall was at the studio. When i found out the result i was, happy, scared, and shocked, at the same time. Emma left me to have time to tell Niall when he get home but i was nervous. i didn’t know how to go about it.  i didn’t know how he was going to react. i received a text from him,

"I have dinner, will be home soon princess x"

Before i could reply the thought of food turned my stomach upside down. Usually i was all for food, but not anymore by the looks of it. i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when you heard Niall. “Julie?” he called, i walked out of the bathroom, “Hello princess” he smiled holding up Nandos in his hand. “Hey” i faked a smile, “I got us dinner” he happily said placing it on the bench before coming and kissing my cheek. “What’s wrong?” “what makes you say something wrong?” i asked, “you’re flushed in the cheeks, are you sick?” he asked and i shook my head, “I’m fine” i respond, “hmm okay, how about dinner?” “okay” i shrugged. Seeming i was  feeling lazy we decided to just grab the food and sit on the couch and eat it. “How was the studio?” i question trying to get my mind of telling him the secret. “It was pretty good, actually it was fun but tiring” he answerd smiling as he flicked through the TV. i wasn’t really eating the food. “ baby why are you playing with your food?” Niall questioned, “I’m not” i giggle lying clearly, “you haven’t eaten a lot” “I’m not really feeling to well Niall” “oh do you want to get in bed and I’ll bring you up some medicine?” he cutely suggested, n i shook my head, smiling at his adorable face. “No medicine won’t help, so ever thought of the future?” my question wanting to just get it off my chest, “ “I see me and you, happily together and in love just like now.” “What about a family?” “Yeah I see kids some day in the picture, don’t know when though” “how does now sound?” “what?” he chokes on the food, i bit my lip. “Uh Niall I’m kinda preg-“i started to say but Niall interrupted me, “WAIT!” he shouted jumping up, “uh oh” “Wow honey that’s great, wait this means I have to share my food” he happily stated, i look up and smile, “so you’re not mad or anything?” “of course not babe this is another life, how could I be mad. Wait until I tell the boys. Oh my god!!” i laughed before he came and kissed me sweetly, showing you how happy he really is. “Don’t ever think I wouldn’t be happy about such a wonderful thing.” he whisperd before he runs off to call the boys

The end

hope you like it :)x

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