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30. For Firdaws

Firdaws' POV

I ran downstairs as i heard knock on the door. I was wearing a skin tight lace black dress which was covering me perfectly with black high heels and i left my brown hair open covering my back.

as i opened the door i heard my 8 months boyfriend , Harry Styles' whistle.

" Wow ! , stunning ! "

He said and gave me a big hug.

" Is it appropriate ? "

" Its perfect " he said showing his dimples.

We had decided that we will do something different today for a change.instead of going to movies and dinner we were going to clubbing.

x *** x

Harry looked quite dashing tonight, in his button up shirt and tightly fitted trousers, and the front of his hair gelled up into a partial quiff. we made our way to the center where everyone was dancing, and soon we both sway our bodies, facing each other.

" i'll go get some drinks ? " 

i nodded , and soon Harry disappeared in the crowd.

just moments later i felt hands on my hips.i turned around to see a tall , very attractive guy with sparkling blue eyes.

" Hey sexy." he said with a smirk. i felt nervous and searched for Harry but i couldn't find him anywhere   

" Listen maybe we can just go to my place and have some fun."he said as he put his arm around my but , i tried to push him but he was strong.

" I have a boyfriend , Leave me." i finally said.

" well i dont see him anywhere and you will have more fun with me baby." he said and started kissing my neck " Leave me ..! "  i tried my best  to push him but he was too strong

" What the hell Firdaws ?!? " Harry shouted and punched that guy hard causing him fall to the ground.

" Harry he .. "

He didn't let me speak , grabbed my hand and took me out of the club.

i could tell he was very angry and i knew why.but he could atleast let me explain.

It was complete silence till half of the way to my home. i finally decided to speak

"Harry i promise it wasn't what it looked like. He just grabbed me and he was too strong i was pushing him but i couldn't he was too strong.you know i love you andi can never cheat on you will you please beleive me?" i said as tears started falling down my face.

" Firdwas .. i'm really sorry .. when i saw him kissing you .. i .. just wanted to kill him .. you're only mine Firdaws .. i love you .. i'm sorry i should have listened to you but i was so angry."

"Its ok baby .. i love you too."

"Please stay with me tonight." i said as we reached my home.

 " I'd love too." he said kissing my forehead.

The rest of the night we stayed up watching romantic movies , cuddling eachother on the coach.

The end 

Hope you like it. x

A/N : omg i love this one :D Its quite long too !  sorry it was late tho


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