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I'll write imagines for all of you! :)
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27. For Caitlyn

It was your wedding night, you and Harry had just danced your first dance together and now everyone was on the dance floor. While Harry was talking to his best man Louis, your best friend's boyfriend asked for a dance, he had also been your best friend since primary school, but Harry didn’t know much about him. As soon as Harry saw you dancing with him you could tell just by how he was looking at your best friend that he wasn’t  happy. After a while Harry interrupted, “may I have a dance with my bride?” he asks proud to announce you as his bride, his wife. “sure man” your friend said and gave you all to Harry. You and Harry danced together slowly, “a little jealous are we Haz” you giggle in his ear. “no why?” he whispers, “don’t deny it I can tell, and you know my best friend Kate?” “yeah?” Harry whispers, “that’s her boyfriend, and he has been my best friend since primary school” you softly whisper and Harry feels a little embarrassed you can tell. “sorry Caitlyn” “it’s okay Harry, let’s enjoy out first night together as husband and wife” you whisper and Harry agrees. You spent the rest of the night dancing away having fun with everyone without jealousy getting in your way.

The End

Hope you like it. x

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