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8. For Caelum

Caelum's POV

i woke up to Harry looking at me.  

“Good morning, my beautiful Cece ” he said.  i smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips.  

We decided to have a long-awaited day out together. After having breakfast and getting ready, we decided to walk to the beach. After arriving at the beach, we found a spot to put our stuff.

I took off my cover-up and Harry looked at me.  “

You’re such a stunner, Caelum.  You never fail to amaze me ! ”  I smiled and got up on my tiptoes in order to kiss him.

“Could you put some sunblock on my back please?” i asked, handing the bottle over to Harry.

  He positioned himself behind me and began lathering the oily substance all over my back.

after that Harry ran into the water with me in his arms.I held on tight hoping that he wouldn't drop me but of course he did.I told Harry while shivering.He picked me once again and brought back and wrapped me in his towel.and hugged me tight keeping me warm.

for the rest of day we had lots of fun , playing football , meeting new people and of course hanging out with best boyfriend in the world , Harry Edward Styles !

.  It was getting dark so we decided to spend the night on the beach.  He set up the towels using them as blankets and cuddled to keep me warm as we looked up at the stars.

 the End!

A/N : 

sorry babe but i dont write dirty imagines.and i know this one was not so good , sorry i was very busy.but still i hope you like it. :)xx

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