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20. For Brianna

Brianna's POV

Harry has been at the studio all day, and it’s 11pm. I told him this morning I would wait up for him because we always have a cup of tea together before we both go to bed.

I fell asleep on the couch, while watching tv. I was awoken when I heard a door open, and close and footsteps into the living room.

“Hey sweetheart, i’m sorry I’m late.” Harry whispered while kissing me.

I smiled up at him, “It’s okay, but you owe me Harry.” I said pulling him down to sit by my stomach.

“I know,” He said kissing my lips slowly. I pulled away.

“How about a walk?” I asked smiling up at him.

“At this time?” He asked shocked, that i’d want to go out this late, in London.

“Yah, i’ll be safe with you..” I said putting my arm around his waist. He chuckled and nodded his head.

We got our shoe’s and coats on and left the house, locking the door and starting our walk in the lite up streets of London. It was gorgeous to walk the streets, of a beautiful city with the man I love. 

We were walking hand in hand, enjoying the late night couples passing us by, and just the scenery. We passed little shops, restaurants, tall buildings, and then we got to the London Eye. We stopped to look at the people riding it, and thought it was just a beautiful sight.

“I love you Brianna.” Harry whispered standing behind me, with his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. His breath tickling my neck as he spoke. I giggled, and turned my head to look at him,

“I love you too” I said smiling and leaning in to kiss him lightly. We pulled away,

“You remember the first time we met?” He asked. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit, and blush.


“And how did it go?” “I remember It was my first One direction concert. I kept telling myself, i’d never get a chance to go. But I finally did. I got those back stage passes, and got a chance to meet each of you boys.”

I said smiling back at the memory of where it all started.

“Keep going,” He whispered resting his head on my shoulder again.

“I remember I got to Louis, and he wanted to whisper something to me, so i leaned in closer. He said ‘haz has his eye on you, love.’ And i remember looking to you, and looking down. Blushing.” I said looking at the London eye, blushing at the thought. Harry chuckled,

“You were so different in my eyes. You weren’t a crazed fan, that would faint, or cry. You were normal, and I knew that I had to figure you out. Which I got the chance to.” He said grinning. I could feel it on my shoulder. “I got the chance to know more about you, to love you more and more each day I spend with you,” Harry said turning me towards his body, “Which is why I think it’s time.” He said getting down on one knee. “Brianna, Will you do the honors of being my wife, a mother to our kids that we will have one day, my Mrs. Styles, and my everything. Will you marry me?” He asked looking up to me with his green sparkling eyes. I got tears in my eyes, and was so shocked that the ring was so big, and perfect. “Please say yes” Harry whispered. “Of course Haz! Of course! Yes!” I said pulling him up from the ground straight to my lips. The kiss was passionate with so much meaning. It showed how much we loved each other. It was perfect. Like this night.

the end 

hope you like it :)xx

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