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29. For Anne

Anne's POV

     I was having so much fun with Niall. I couldn't believe how fun today was. We went ice skating, to the carnival and saw a movie.

"Today was perfect!" I told him.

"Yeah it was let's do it again sometime," He answered.


    We got home, Niall, opened the door while we're holding hands. His hands were so soft, I couldn't believe it. Just as Niall was about to lean in to kiss me, I hear someone coming down the stairs. Sounded like Liam. I still couldn't believe that even though he knew that I loved Niall, he told me that he loved me also and that he wanted me to be with him. I was afraid to tell Niall because I didn't know how he'd react to something like that. I looked at Liam and didn't say a thing.

"I'm feeling a bit tired. I think I'll just go upstairs and lay down for a bit." I told Niall.

"Okay Anne, go get some more beauty sleep, not that your not already beautiful enough." I smiled and walked away.

        I was kinda having mixed emotions about the whole thing because I don't know who i love more, Niall or Liam. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door.

"Come in," I said. It was Liam.

" Have you told him yet about what happened with you and I?" Liam asked.

"No, I have not and I really don't want to because I'm afraid that he might think that I have to choose and might not choose him and I don't want that to happen." I explained. When all the sudden, Niall comes up.

"Told me what?" Niall asked. I had to tell him, but I really didn't want to, but suddenly, it just came out.

"Niall, I have something to tell you. Liam loves me also." I said as Liam is standing right next to me. I could see in Niall's face that he was either mad or sad. He walks up to me and looks in my eyes.

"Do you love him back?" Niall asked.

"Of course, I don't. I love you and you only," I answered with a sad look on my face. He could tell that I wasn't lying.

"Okay love, I believe you," Niall said

"So, your not mad and you don't hate Liam?" I asked him.

"How could I he's my best friend. I love you so much, Anne, that you don't even know. Everytime, I look into your big beautiful blue eyes, I see the girl that I've loved since the day I met you." He hugged me and then leaned in and kissed me.

"I love you too, Niall," I answered.

"So we're cool, Niall?" Liam asked.

"Yeah of course lad!" Niall answered. Then, they hugged it out. I'm so glad everything didn't work out so bad as I'd hoped.

                                                                    The End!

                                                  Sorry it's so long. Hope you like it!


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