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6. for alexis

Alexis ' POV

It was a lovely day i was going for a movie with Harry today i went to my closet and decided to wear a simple light purple buttoned up shirt  and a light blue skinny jeans with a black purse and black high pumps. Harry liked me without makeup so i kept it natural.i tied my hair into a fishtail braid.

i heard a knock on the door i grabbed my purse and opened the door and there was the boy who was mine.

" Hey babe , you look lovely. " he said to me gave a small and cute kiss.

"hey" i said when he pulled away.

"you ready?"


"okay .. let's go."

* at the theater *

 “Go grab a seat babe, I’m just gonna go to the restroom real fast. I’ll be there in a sec,” he said handing me the popcorn.

i walked to the front of the theatre and picked two seats kind of secluded from everyone else. I and Harry liked to be away from everyone when we watched movies, because most of the time we would be snogging and we didn’t want to disturb the people who were actually trying to focus on the movie. I sat down and started munching quietly on the butter popcorn taking sips from my soda as well.

Somebody came and sat next to me.my mouth full of popcorn and tried to make out the words, “This seat is taken.”

. “That’s probably the best chipmunk impression I’ve ever seen.” The boy looked at me and laughed.

He stayed in the seat next to me and continued talking to me. “So why is such a pretty girl sitting at this movie alone?” he asked.

“She’s not, she’s with me,” a familiar voice said.

“Who’s this?” the boy turned turned to you then to Harry, “You’re in my way the movies about to start.” “I’m her boyfriend,”

Harry said turning on his sass. “Oh,” the boy said shutting up

. “Yeah that’s right. It’s about time you be leaving now,” Harry said shooing him out of his seat. Once he left Harry sat down and put his arm around me. 

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” i said giggling.

“So? What if I am?” he asked in a raspy voice

. “Then it’s adorable babe,” i said before kissing him softly on the lips.  

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