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19. Emily and Niall

Emily's POV

it was a movie night and i decided it to keep it at my place.i got ready and set up the pop corn and everything.

but as usual Niall and the boys were late so i decided to watch the news

suddenly there was a knock so i opened the door and found the boys standing ther.

"Hey Emily!" they all said together 

" hi guys !"

" hey babe" Niall said kissing me.

" eeer you're watching news ?!?! change it now !! " Harry said.

" whats wrong with it?"

"it boring change it!"

"ok ..!"

Harry went and grabbed a suitable movie and Liam and zayn ran to sofas while Louis was ran to the popcorns.Niall and i sat on the sofa together.

we watched  2 movies when my eye lids start to fall and i fall asleep on Niall's shoulder.

Niall's POV

i watched Emily fall asleep.She was so beautiful.she looked like an angel.

"You really love her , don't you?" Liam said 

"more than anything..she's my life i dont know what i'd do without Emily."

the boys smiled.i carried Emily in our big room and covered her with a blanket..

i stayed up with her.playing with her beautiful blonde hair , watching her sleep like a baby.

" i love you Emily " i whispered while kissing her.i didn't realize that she's up.

" i love you too " she said grabbing my hand.

i smiled and jumped under the covers wrapping her in my arms.

the end

hope you like ie :)xx

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