Samantha is a huge fan of One Direction. Basically obsessed with them. This is her story. Her story is different from all the other fangirl stories. She doesn't meet the boys. Ever. She's been to concerts, she's been to those TV stations trying to be noticed, but it never happens. Will she ever meet the boys? Or will the odds be ever in her favor and they finally notice what a great girl she is? Find out in Fangirl.


2. Chapter Two

There was a month of school left, and I don't think I can put up with this Air Condition-less school. I fiddled with the end of my white flowy tank top.  "Alright class! There is five minutes of class left until lunch, so I'm gonna be nice and allow free time." Our most disliked teacher smiled.

She smiled. Yes, smiled. Her crooked teeth made my stomach turn and my appetite disappeared as I swallowed some of my vomit.

My best, bestest friends Alexia but she preferred Alex and Leah turned to me. "So what's new?" Leah asks. I shrugged.

Now, here's when the big decision came should I tell them about my new fandom that I had joined? The answer was a big fat No.

"So, did you guys hear about that new boy band One Direct-" She was cut off by the most popular girl at our school Mia. "Did you just say One Direction?" Her little posse turned to us. The girls and I always sat in the back, the truly popular kids in the middle, somewhat popular in the back and the losers up in front. "I was about to before you cut m-" Mia and her girls squealed. The three of us groaned.

Those girls were truly a pain in the a pain in the as-

"Harry and I are dating." I stared at her confused. Last night I read he was single. "But Harry's single." I point out. Alex and Leah turned to me.

Uh oh. Am I in trouble now.

"I heard on the telly, you know those gossip shows." Alex and Leah still stared me down, eyebrows raised. "Since when do you watch gossip shows?" Leah asked. "I, uh -" "Skater girl is turning girly." Mia laughed along with her crew. "I did not. My mum wouldn't change the station, and if I moved from the couch I was grounded, and I couldn't afford to be grounded when they opened that sick new skate park down the street."


"Yuck." Mia turned around. "You poor thing, did she try to paint your toenails too?" Leah teased. "Shut up." I shoved her as the bell rang. I stood up and felt a pair of eyes on me. "Don't look now but it seems that Pedro is making eyes at you." I looked across the classroom to find Pedro the Spanish Exchange Student making eyes at me.

More like eye. He only has one eye. What happened to the other? I don't know but it's glass now.

I swallowed more vomit. Leah slapped me on the back. "C'mon girly, let's go get some food." I groaned. Great! A new nickname is just what I needed.

I headed to the cafeteria and Leah teased me again calling me princess and demanded getting my food for me.


And as if I didn't have enough problems, Max the school's hottie sat down in front of me, in my booth. I stared at him and he stared right back.

Max was cute, he was a skater too. He was apart of the hottie's group at our school. I had a crush on him, but I had a reputation. I couldn't let that down for some cutie? Extremely cute. With a black quiff, blue eyes. He was every girls dream.

But back to the story!

"So, the new skate park is opening today, and I was wondering if you were going?" Was he gonna ask me out?! He wasn't a member of One Direction but he did remind me a lot of Zayn Malik now that I look at him. "Maybe." I shrug. "Well, I'll be there." He nods, as if trying to point something out to me. "Cool." I shrug my shoulders. Why am I shrugging so much! "Look what am I trying to say is that I want you to come so we can hang out." I blink.

How do you stay calm at these types of situations?

"Alright. I'll go." He smiles. "Promise?" "Yeah." He was grinning like a fool. "This'll be Ace!" He runs off as the girls walk over and Leah passes me my tray. "Your majesty." Not even she could get me down. I had a date with Max. "What was Max doing over here?" Alex asks, as I take a bite of my French fries. "He asked me out." I answer simply. They both choked on their drinks. "No way!" I nodded. "Where you guys going?" Leah asks. "The new skate park today." They gasp. "You should watch gossip shows more often." Alex jokes. We all laugh.

I was going on a date with one of the hottest guys in school! YAY!



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