Samantha is a huge fan of One Direction. Basically obsessed with them. This is her story. Her story is different from all the other fangirl stories. She doesn't meet the boys. Ever. She's been to concerts, she's been to those TV stations trying to be noticed, but it never happens. Will she ever meet the boys? Or will the odds be ever in her favor and they finally notice what a great girl she is? Find out in Fangirl.


1. Chapter One

"Hello, how are you?" Harry smiled. I felt like I was going to pass out. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I tried taking a breath but it seemed air was only leaving and not entering. I shut my eyes tight, holding my chest. "Oh no, breathe. C'mon love, in, out."

Hold up.

If I'm gonna tell you what happened and how I exactly met One Direction then I need to start, at the very beginning. The beginning of my wonderful three years as a Directioner.

It all started on a hot Australian summer day. But what did it really matter, it was always hot. Anyway, it was a Friday and I decided I'm just gonna cuddle my giant blue stuffed monkey who I call Jim and just watch TV. I was flipping through channels when a certain boy caught my eye.

You could guess who that boy was right?

His hair was curly, with green eyes and he reminded me of that kid on Wizards of Waverly Place. Max, was his name. Not the boy who was singing, but the boy on the TV show. The lyrics of the song was catchy by the second time the chorus came, I was singing along.

"You don't know you're beautiful, Oh, oh, That's what makes you beautiful!"

I jammed out singing to Jim. I was upset when the song ended. "That was the new boy band One Direction from the UK. Here's Justin Bieber with his new so-" I rolled my eyes, shutting off the TV. I grabbed my MacBook Pro and googled One Direction. Many results popped up but I clicked on their official band website.

You can guess what happened first right?

I clicked Our Story. I read and found out all their names, where they're from, their age and birthdays and all that stuff. I smiled, and headed to YouTube and typed in One Direction funny moments.

I died at how hard I laughed.

So, from the funny moments and a few interview I've found out Liam has a phobia of spoons, Harry likes older women, Zayn is the mysterious one who loves art, Louis likes girl who eat carrots making him love carrots somehow, and Niall is big on farting and eating, while laughing.

Let's just say I learned a lot that day.

Like a ton. I guess you could call me, a 'Directioner'.

I signed into Twitter and followed them and their news update account, I followed a few Fan pages on Instagram and subscribed to their Vevo account. I even subscribed to some Magazines that would have updates on 1D in every issue.

I officially became obsessed with One Direction.

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