I am Julianna, my Friends call me Annastasia or Annie.

Julianna is just a normal 17 year old girl, until her whole world flipped upside down. Things happen that she never expected to. Some good, and some, tragic.


1. Seeing him again

Annie's POV

"I guess this holiday is... Ok, but it's not perfect," I say to my mum. "It just feels, lonely, somehow. I mean, the nearest any of my friends are to me is at least 500 miles!"

"I don't think that should matter, you have your whole family here with you." Dad adds in.

I leave the cabin that we are staying in, with a certain amount of rage building up inside of me. I turn the corner to see my boyfriend, Zayn. I run to him and he lifts me into the air!

"I've missed you." He whispers in my ear, as he slowly brings me back down to the sandy ground beneath us.

"I've missed you too babe," I reply, playing along with the whispering thing, "but how did you get here and why would you want to come to this crummy place?!"

"To see you of course!" He whispers back. Then he pressed his lips against my cheek and kissed me.

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