I am Julianna, my Friends call me Annastasia or Annie.

Julianna is just a normal 17 year old girl, until her whole world flipped upside down. Things happen that she never expected to. Some good, and some, tragic.


7. concert in España

Liam's POV

*****One week later*****

"Annie," I peer into her room, "Time to get up love, we are going to the concert, remember?"

"Ugh." She groans. Annie has never been a morning person! "I don't wanna get up!"

"It's midday, Anna, you've been in bed all day!"

"Why did you call me Anna and Annie?"

"Just seeing which on you'd answer politely to," I grin sarcastically and she smirks.

Annie's POV

I finally got up after Liam torturing me, in a nice way, it made me smile though I tried to maintain my 'angry face'. As always, my 'happy face' finds a way to shine through my morning gloominess!

I walked over to Liam before choosing my outfit for the afternoon and have him a hug

"Thanks for waking me." There goes the sarcasm I was trying not to let out...

"No problemo, any time!" And there goes Liam's sarcastic reply.

*****At The Concert*****

We were in the front row, Kat and I. We had the very centre seats, which, by the way were VIP seats because my boyfriend is amazing and totally hooked us up. Having VIP seats meant that we had seats, the rest of the arena (apart from the other VIP, 2nd floor seats) was a standing area.

Kat was so happy, this was her first 1D concert! It made me so happy seeing her laugh and smile, I don't know why. She is my best friend after all!

"This one goes out to Annie, my beautiful girlfriend," I hear Zayns voice shout over the audience of screaming 12 - 25 year old girls.

"Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me, but bear this in mind, it was meant to be..." Zayn starts singing softly in his amazing voice, the whole arena goes completely silent when they hear Niall start playing the guitar.

It's my favourite song of all time and the best part is, it was made just for me! Zayn is truly the best! I couldn't ask for someone better than him.

Kat's POV

I can't wait to see Annie's face, the song just finished and Zayn just gave me the 'sign,' he walked off the stage with the rest of the boys, as planned and I nudged Annie who was texting her mum and she looked up at the stage which had not one of the boys on it...

"Kat... Where are the boys..?"

"You'll see!" The crowd were all staring at the stage wondering what the hell was going on, then... About 15 minutes later...

The spot lights shone right on Annie, and the stage and all the boys came out onto the stage in tuxedos and Zayn was leading them on. Liam came down from the stage, grabbed Annie's hand and lifted her onto the stage.

"Annie..?" Zayn starts, "these past 4 years of my life have been the best ever, and it's all because of you." The crowd is now in awe (in a 'how romantic and sweet' kind of way.)

"Omg." I see Annie's lips mumble

"And I have wanted to ask you this for ages but just couldn't find the right time..."

I could see Harry look over to me and wink, I smiled back, all giddy - like.

Zayn knelt down on his left knee and lifted out a black velvet box form his back pocket.

"I love you Annie, I couldn't ask for anyone as good for me as you are, you're smart, beautiful, hilarious and have a great voice when your singing to yourself in the shower," Annie laughed both nervously and kind of embarrassed. "Will you do me the honour of being my wife?" He finally gets the words out of his mouth

I could see tears welling up in Annie's eyes, she put her hands over her mouth, then her heart, then she nodded her head and shouted

"Yes!! Of course!!!"

Then zayn slipped the 45 karat gold ring with 20 diamonds in crusted with 'I Love You' engraved on the inside onto her ring finger on her hand and then lifted her into the air and spun her around.

He set her down softly and they hugged and they automatically kissed each other.

The audience cheered and cried and laughed and smiled, they did love Zayn and Annie as a couple.

The boys guided Annie back to her seat then sang 'she's not afraid' which is my favourite song and that's why Harry chose to play it as the closing number and the curtains closed...

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