I am Julianna, my Friends call me Annastasia or Annie.

Julianna is just a normal 17 year old girl, until her whole world flipped upside down. Things happen that she never expected to. Some good, and some, tragic.


2. After the 'whispering'

Zayn's POV

I'm so glad to see my beautiful Annie, her gorgeous blue eyes gazed into mine as I thought to myself how I would break the news to her and How she would react to it!

I am worried I would ruin her holiday, although it looks like she isn't enjoying it much.

Annie's POV

Zayn wouldn't just show up here, in the middle of nowhere, just to 'see me'. Something has to be up. Although he could just be being cute and he might actually be her just to see me, but I can tell when he has more to say, and I have that feeling that he does...

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