Best friends? Or boyfriends?



Sofia's POV

"OMG!!! HARRY?!?!?" "Sofia! What hap- OH My GAWD" Liam yells a nurse comes in and harry then wakes up "TACOS!" He yells then realized what he did "ummm I'm gonna go kk BAI " ok that was weird he totally gave me a heart attack!!

*fast forward to when Liam and Sofia are in her house*

Liam's POV

"Li,I'm gonna go shower be right back!" Sofia yelled. "ok!" I yell back then I spot a beautiful piano and play they don't know about us from our take me home album and I press my foot on the pedal but it has styrofoam over it I try to rip it off but fail so I go up to Sofia's room to find some scissors and when I pass by the shower I hear her singing she looks so perfect by 5SOS in the shower she sings so beautifully and in the middle of the song she changes to she's not afraid by the lads and I she's a fan? Woah I wonder if she even knows I'm in this band,

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