Best friends? Or boyfriends?


6. wait....what?

Sofia's POV

"Harry?" I managed to squeal out. "Hey" he replied awkwardly . And there was dead silence

"Sooooo guys! Whats going on ?" Liam said to break the silence "I wanted to stop by and visit i heard you were here soooo ya" harry says. Then i notice him wince as if he were is pain when he rested his hand on the bed then he stared at nothingness "hello?? Earth to harry??" " uh what ? Oh sorry" ok that was weird.

Someone else walks in , a nurse " ok liam, you can go home now you are fine do you need me to call your parents?" Uhhh no im leaving with her" he said as he gestured to me harry then have me the What the heck look . I then went to "use the bathroom " and told harry to come outside. "Ok why is he going to your house ?" "Ok look, i just found out he's my best friend and i haven't seen him in years so i invited him over and also, what happened to your hand?" " 1st ok good and 2nd i- you know what? I'll just show you" he showed me the palm of his hand to reveal a deep cut that went from the bottom of his pinkie to his wrist "oh my god! Harry! How did that happen?!" " i got into a fight with some jerk at school " "oh" "so liam isn't your boyfriend?" "What? Heavens no why would yo- wait why are you asking me this?" " just curious " then liam walked out of the room and said "should we go now sof?" " ya give me a minute" "ok ill be outside" "you know, harry since you showed me your "scar"i might as well show you this I raised up my shirt revealing a big pink scar in the middle of my back and harry looked surprised

Harrys POV

Wait no no NO it cant be my sister and my mom have the same scars on their backs my mom says it runs in the.. The.. Then everything went black

Hey guysssss so i hope you liked this chapter i really love making these for u gyz so 1 question harry and sofia or LIAM and sofia?? Or any other boy in the band!!

Liam+Sofia #Sofiam Harry+Sofia #Sarry and come up woth another ship name if you want another member of the band! And should one of them be a bad boy?? You guys decide!!

Luv u all


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