Best friends? Or boyfriends?


2. class

Sofia's POV

So after I meet my locker buddy I walk into class but don't see the tip of the table and trip all my books fall to the floor with a thud. A girl even laughed and yelled "HA what a loser! She just fell down like a pancake! And she hurt my toe!!!" Then a tall boy with brown eyes and brown hair came in front of me and said " HEY! Leave her alone you-" then I broke in and gave him the I got this look " ok I don't know who you are, but you need to cry a river build a bridge and GET OVER IT!" After class ended I ran into the boy that stood up for me in class and he said "hi I'm Liam" "hi I'm Sofia , thanks for helping me back there" " no prob"

Liam's POV

After I stood up for that girl in class she looked like she was about to cry so after class I went up to her and finally saw her beautiful eyes they twinkled when I talked to her and her hair falls down to the middle of her back she has the most soothing voice I NEED to get her number. But what am I gonna tell Kate? She won't be happy that I like another girl ugh, what am I gonna do?!

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