Long time, No see

Warning: strong language.
Maya Jenny Jones, ran away when she was 5. No one knows why! Now she's 18 she's back! Changed her name to Electra Unique Jones, got a stay strong tattoo and she is just another puzzle to be solved in the town of Doncaster.
Louis Tomlinson ;D


4. the mall

"Electra? You NEED to go on the X factor or Britain's Got Talent or something! Your awesome..." Niall's voice was shaken a little from crying with us.

As we reached our destination, there were paps everywhere! Louis saw my terrified reaction and grabbed my hand,"it's ok just stay close to me!" He said whispering so I nodded. We got out." Louis is this your girlfriend?" One pap said but we didn't answer,"Louis what about that girl who we saw you with before are you cheating?" Another pap asked and Niall clenched his fist and shouted," she was my cousin!" The pap backed away whilst others shouted out more question, me and Louis ran in and joined the others and they walked into Hollister so me and Louis followed.

"So I was thinking of getting you a Hollister jacket?" Danielle asked (we met her there). It was £50!!! "No! It's too much!" I said taking it out of her hand and putting it back on the wrack,"Electra!? Were famous money doesn't matter!" She advised me and picked it up. She went to the counter and bought it.

After all that, we went to other shops like forever 21 and Primark and bought at least 10 big bags FULL of cloths, accessories and make up (even though I don't wear it!)

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