Long time, No see

Warning: strong language.
Maya Jenny Jones, ran away when she was 5. No one knows why! Now she's 18 she's back! Changed her name to Electra Unique Jones, got a stay strong tattoo and she is just another puzzle to be solved in the town of Doncaster.
Louis Tomlinson ;D


2. hi again

Hi Again.

It's a couple of weeks later, after meeting Louis, we now hang out a lot as you may guess yes were are back best friends and I live with him! (His 4 band mates are there as well as me and him). Me and Liam are like family now, he's like a brother more then a friend but me and Louis ,I think anyway, have chemistry I want to tell him I LOVE him but.... I'm scared! Scared of the answer 'no!' Coming out his mouth.

One warm afternoon we decided to watch a film, Sinister. I sat in between Liam and Louis, Louis's arm around my waist and Liam holding my hand. You know when you can tell something scary is gonna happen? Well that's what I felt, I got scared and put my face into Louis shoulder,"it's ok Electra I'm here." He whispers and I pulled my head up again and we was holding our gazes. His eyes are b-e-a-u-t-i-ful! He then said," Electra? I need to ask you something can we go upstairs?" I nodded and stood up, letting go of Liam's hand. We ran upstairs and into his small bedroom.

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