The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.


10. Gladice

My mom looked at me, and then back to the nurse.

"Mom, Joseph and I were both in the car crash." 

"So he's the one that did this to you."

"It's not his fault, I asked him to drive." 

"I saw something, he lost control, and we crashed."

"We'll talk about this when we get home. Get your stuff."

"But mom-" I stuttered.

"No buts let's go, you'll see him at school tomorrow."

She got up from her chair and headed towards the door. 

"You need any help?" The nurse asked me.

"I'm fine."  

My cold feet hit the ground.

Once I changed into my jeans, the hardest part was my shirt. My arm was slowly healing, but I didn't want to take any chances.

The nurse knocked on my door.

"Are you ready?" 

I nodded my head.

I stared at the brown cast. Good thing it wasn't my right arm. Thinking to myself, I knocked on wood.

We passed by Joseph's room and I saw Sara sitting on the edge of his bed. I couldn't see him since the bed was on the other side.

I sped up and caught up with my mom.

"There's something I have to tell you."

"What is it-"

"In private," she interrupted.

We made our way to the car, and I looked outside the window. I felt a little sick once we were on the highway. I started gasping and losing my breath. 

"Are you okay?" My mom asked and pulled up near the sidewalk.

She gave me a water bottle, and I finally calmed down.

"I- I guess I'm not used to it."

I got out of the car, and waited near the grass.

I vomited all over my shirt.

"Let's get back in the car. We'll get you cleaned up okay?"

She gave me one of her work shirts.

I could just imagine her saying, "That's why I come prepared" or " You almost gave me a heart attack."

I noticed that the way we're going is not the way home.

I pondered whether I should ask her or just keep quiet.

I was too tired to care, so I fell asleep in the car.

We took a turn into this neighborhood.

I didn't recognize it until I saw the words:


Our car pulls up in the drive way of a small yellow and green house. It looks decent, but it's pretty old. The lights on the front porch are rusted.

Mom knocks on the door, but no one answers.

The second time you can hear shuffling, and an old lady opens the door.

"This is your grandmother."

I smile at her, and she takes my face in her hands.

"Oh wow, it's been so long. The last time I've seen you was when you were a tiny baby."

"Come inside now, is there anything you want?"

"No, we're fine,"my mom answered.

"Sit sit sit, I've got to catch up. What's been going on? Are you getting married? I remember my old days-"

"Actually, Mrs.Jones-"

"You can call me Gladice."

"Gladice, that's not what we want to talk about."

I looked at mom. What is she talking about?

"I wanted to talk about David."

"Didn't you hear Cathy? He's already dead."

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