The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.


12. Dead

In my dream there was Joseph, sitting beside me.


He started to peck my neck, and we shared a long lustful kiss.


The feeling was weird, he grabbed my neck and pulled me closer.


My hands rubbed his body, and his cold hands made their way to my chest.

Joseph 's grip was firm, and his hands were squeezing me. I couldn’t catch my breath, and I managed to get out a sound. 




I could feel his grin while he kissed me.


Barely breathing, he pulled away.


“Why did you open it? Why did you open it Melissa?” 


The bell rang, and school was already over.


I waited for Joseph outside school, because I was really worried.


Three minutes had past, and I was starting to think he passed out.


I texted him,


Are you okay?


I walked back home without him. I looked both ways and crossed the road. Someone pushed me and I fell onto the road.


I heard the sound of a loud engine, and Joseph pushed me out of the way.


Catching my breath I asked, “Where did you come from?”


He was already gone.


My mom was standing near the front door.


“How was school?”


“The usual.” 


“Do you know what Mrs. Williams told me?”


“Yeah, she’s not my only teacher.”


“-She said you're having hallucinations, and that you're not focusing in class. You failed the first exam.”


“That’s impossible,” I argued.


“I don’t even remember that.”


She pulled my face, and took a closer look.




She screamed and moved away from me.


“What’s wrong... mom.”


I ran into the bathroom, but as usual I saw nothing.


I could feel myself slowly trapped underneath his control.


I splashed myself with water a thousand times. Nothing was the same, I have to find his weakness.


As I layed in bed I started to drift to sleep.


Was that even Joseph today?


What happened to him?


Why didn’t he stop and talk to me?


The number 4514 popped into my head.


I got up and wrote it down in different combinations.






Nothing seemed to add up.


I wrote down every time it appeared in my head.


-My dream about david

-The car crash

-The address of the accident



 What does it all have in common?


I write down the letters of the alphabet and try to translate it.


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