Stockholm Syndrome

Life is not like in the movies. You don't wake up one day and know exactly what will happen and just realize your dreams. Sometimes you can't even influence things.
The tumor was spotted when I was fifteen. I'm eighteen now and it's time to say goodbye. But not because I will die, no. It's more than this. It's time to say goodbye, because I'm starting a new life... But not like I planned it.
At first everything feels like a dream, but suddenly it turns into a nightmare and all I can do is watch. I can't explain why, but all at once I'm caught between where I am, what and especially who I want. Life is hard. There is love, hate, loss and happiness, but am I strong enough to stay and say what's on my mind?


3. Careful And Too Good

The minutes passed. I was still screaming his name and couldn't believe it.

Gradually, I realized that this was not a bad joke. The dream of thousands of girls - that Harry Styles was in love with them and wanted to spend time with them - had become for me a reality. But not as anyone would have expacted it.

I took a deep breath and asked myself "What am I supposed to do?"

I had to do what he told me. I had to be the one that he loved. I had to be cautious and wait for my chance.

My chance to escape.

Had I once one, it might not come back. I had to be alert and to remember that small things that could be helpful to me.

But first of all I had to gain his trust. But how should I do that?

I looked once more across the room.

Now I noticed that a mirror was attached to the wall, including a sink and a desk with a lamp. There were also magazines on it. On a chair near me, was my hospital bag. In it there was a toothbrush and some clean clothes. On the bag was Harry's Teddy and I looked disgusted at it.

Then I looked down at me. I was still wearing my hospital gown and the skin on my hand and ankles was irritated by the whole contact with the rough metal. I had absolutely bring Harry to remove the handcuffs. My limbs were quite stiff, because I had hardly moved me for hours.

I can't imagine what day it was or how long I had slept.

The light that fell through the small window in the room was not exactly bright; either it was morning or evening, I couldn't tell.

At the moment I could do nothing but wait.




I stared out the window at the break at the waterfall and thought.

She had made me really angry and insulted me as "crazy" even though I only wanted the best for her.

Didn't she saw the same in me, what I saw in her? Didn't she understood, that I was her soulmate and therefore her only right option to be with her true love? Didn't she understood the meaning of it all? Had I under-estimated her? Wasn't she the intelligent, lovable girl I had seen in her? 

I shook my head.


My cell phone started to ring and I tore my gaze away from the waterfall.

"Yeah?" I picked it up and waited for a response. I could hear the hesitation in Zayn's voice, as he began to speak. 

"Harry... Can you come over?"

In the background I heard a sob and was immediately alarmed.

"What is it, Zayn?" I asked a bit too nervously, waiting for his answer.

"It's because of Grace," he said.


"They know it! They know everything! Someone has seen me!" said a voice in my head, but immediately another fought against it. "How will they know it? You were careful. No one has seen it. You're too good. Relax."


I took a deep breath.

"What Grace? This girl from the hospital?" I asked and was proud that my voice sounded so unsuspectingly.

"Yeah. You..." he paused and I heard another sob in the background. Zayn sighed. "Just come around, okay?"

"Okay," I said. "I'll be there in ten minutes."

I hung up and put my phone back into my pocket, grabbed a plastic water bottle, put the dress on my arm that I had bought for her and fished the keys out of my pocket.

Then I unlocked the room and already my heart was again hard for me.

There she laid, the prettiest girl I've ever seen, chained to the sides of a bed.

I really felt sorry that I had chained her. But as it turned out, it was the right decision. And now in this moment I saw the remorse in her eyes. I saw that she knew that I did the right thing.

"Harry," she whispered weakly. I closed the door and then smiled at her.

"Hello, love."

A faint smile loomed on her lips and I walked up to her. First, I put the dress on the free chair and before I could open the water bottle, she said hesitantly, "I'm sorry that I yelled at you." Her eyes twitched slightly and she added, "That was stupid of me. But you have to understand me. I just woke up from the anesthesia and am still a little confused."

She stopped talking and looked at me. My smile got a bit bigger. At last she seemed to understand.

"It's okay, Gracie."

She smiled at me and then nodded slightly.

"Could... could you please arrange the handcuffs? My whole Body hurts. I have to move" she said and I nodded.

Then I opened the water bottle and took the key of the handcuffs in my hand.

"I only want the best for you" I said, smiling at her and stroked slightly with my one hand her cheek. Then I opened the handcuffs and she rubbed her wrists.

"Thanks," she said with a sigh as she stretched.

"I've brought you something to drink. Drink, rest, put on your clothes and make sure you look pretty. When I come back, we're gonna  eat something," I said and she looked at me confused.

"You'll leave?" she asked me and I noticed a faint, anxious undertone and had to smile.

"Don't worry, I will be back soon. Everything you need is in your bag," I said, and hesitated for a moment, but then I gave her a light kiss on her forehead.

Then I left the room, but not without locking the door again.


Ten minutes later I arrived at Zayn's house. I parked my car and looked in the mirror in my sun visor.

I was ready.

One last time I took a deep breath, got out of the car, locked it and made my way to the door. I rang briefly and Louis opened the door for me. We nodded before I went into the living room.

On the sofa sat Cassidy, Xander and Zayn.

Zayn had lovingly put his arm around Cassie, who was crying and holding Xander's hand.

"What happened?" I asked and addressed all the attention on me.

Louis and Liam stood in the doorway and Niall brought me a glass. I took it and then looked at Zayn.

"What's the matter with, uh, Grace?" I dug deeper and sat down with the glass to the table. Slowly, I poured myself a little water and looked back at Zayn.

"She- she was abducted from the hospital," he said, and my eyebrows shot up.

"What?!" I asked and acted perplexed and Cassie sobbed again.

Xander clenched his hands and said, "Who does such an insane thing? She just had a surgery! Damn it, a fucking tumor was just cut out of her head and then there walkes a lunatic in the hospital and kidnapped her! How crazy must one be? Who does something like that, huh? That's totally insane!"

"Wow. That's... wow," I said and swallowed hard.


But... I was not insane. I was just in love.

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