Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


6. What just happened?!?

Abby's pov:

We get food and walk into the house. Ok guys what I'm about to tell you will be very hard for me to say so please don't rush me. It's already hard enough that I had to live this whole thing. It's fine abb. go ahead you have 100% of our attention. Ok thanks guys I say and give them a weak smile. I turn around and walked into the kitchen getting a glass of water. Ok here it goes. The reason I'm here living is because my parents were doing it again and there condom broke lucky for me I say and roll my eyes. They didn't want me and they tried to get an abortion but it was too late because the found out about me to late. My mum even asked if she could go ahead and just kill herself. They really didn't want me. I say with a tear coming out of my eye. The boys were quiet still but I didn't want to look at them I was still in the kitchen. I once asked my mum why she kept me and her response was well it was either you stay at home and clean and do everything or we pay for a nanny. Then she said we went cheap. My mum also started drinking and my dad did drugs. If I talked out of turn or did something they didn't like I either got beat or was sent to my room for a week without food only water. When I was little I wanted to join cross country but my parents yelled at me and said only special people get to do fun things. Then I saw the Spider-Man 3 commercials and how he swung upside down and did all those cool things and it inspired me to ask if I could take gymnastics but of course I get yelled at and was told I'm a worthless mistake and since that's what I am I can't be put into anything not even school so I took online classed during the night while my parents were to busy to notice if you know what I mean. But my brother got everything he got the looks, the smarts, he's the head player on his football team. While I was forced to watch. My brother always made me go with him to get ice cream or dinner when they won a game which was every Friday. But I can't eat until they have finished everything but that was only for dinner when we went to get dessert I wasn't aloud to get anything. I could only watch them eat. I've never had ice cream before but it look so good I've always wanted to try it. I've had candy but only gummy bears skittles and m&ms oh and whoppers but those taste NASTY! I made the mistake of saying that in front of my parents and since it's their favorite they made me eat like ten packs. Oh and also I'm allergic to almonds and cashews but since my parents don't care they ordered me a meal that was filled with one if those that was the only time they let me eat first but I should've known. I took a bit and my throat instantly inflated and I fell to the floor while my parents sat there laughing their butts off almost falling out of their chairs. He night my parents died wasn't an accident they where trying to kill me for a punishment because I walked away and ran to uncle Paul. The last words they said was yes we know we are crashing we are trying to kill you. And my brother Luke blamed me for it all and started to beat me he slammed me into the walls and my phone but dialed Paul or something and he came and saved me. And the reason I ran away was because Luke was there I saw his blue jeep and I freaked out and ran. Because if he found me who knew what would have happened.

I finally turn around and all the boys are full out crying. Guys it's ok you don't have to cry for me. I'm used to getting hurt. It's fine really.

But Abby it's not ok! You went through all that pain for your whole life I'm so sorry! Niall says while crying.

They all get up and run into the kitchen where I was and they all hugged me. It was nice. But I'm claustrophobic whatever let the moment last for how ever long it can.

It's been like five minutes and I'm really dizzy. Ok guys get off I'm getting claustrophobic.

Oh sorry girly. Louis says.

It's fine I say and kiss all if them in the cheek then run up stairs.

Nails pov:

Harry get all the ice cream out we are going to have a ice cream party and have a movie marathon! I tell Harry

We get all the ice cream out and get toppings and bowls out. Then we put out some movies. There's Monsters inc. Finding Nemo. Toy story 1,2,3. And then we pulled out all the princess movies ( little mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, beauty and the beast, tangled, sleeping beauty, and Ella enchanted.). Liam picked all but the princess ones. That was all my idea. She is my princess anyways so it seemed right you know?

*Louis yells through the intercom*

Abby get your but down here now!!!

Harry: Louis be nice.

Louis: oh whoops Abby come down please we have a surprise for you!



Um... Yea guys she says worried and scared while shaking.

Louis you scared her! I yell and run up to her and give her a big hug. She giggles Ni I'm fine. What did you guys need me for? She asks. Look at the table! I say happily. Umm ok? She walks over there and jumps up and down happily. You guys are the best! Only the best for you. Liam says.

Is that my shirt? Louis asks. Maybe maybe not. Abby replies. Ugh gross. Keep it. I'm sorry I'll take it off just don't hurt me please! She says while looking really scared. It's ok love and I would never hurt you don't say that ever again. I was only kidding about the shirt.

I know I'm sorry but I probably should have asked first I'm sorry. Oh and by the way the cologne on this shirt smells really good! "Thanks love."Louis says while chuckling.

Tell you what we will take you shopping tomorrow and get you some clothes.

Omg really thanks! She says and kisses Louis on the cheek.

I want a kiss!!! I thought to myself.

Whatever. I have a idea hopefully she eats a lot.

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