Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


9. pool

-A/N-Sorry I know I was supposed to update ages ago and I'm extremely sorry about that so I will make to more chapters to make it up to the people still reading:/ but every time I try to update it deletes the whole thing to where I have to keep writing it all over again. 😞😫😩-

Abby's pov.

Me and Perrie walk out to the pool and get into the water with the guys.

"Guys we should play chicken!!! Ok guys choose your sides. And choose a girl. One person can be the judge person or whatever. Who wants to?" " I will. I'm not really good at this game." Liam says. "Ok so teams are Niall and Harry then Zayn and Louis. Who are you choosing for your girl?" Liam asks. "I "choose abs!" Niall and Harry say. "Perrie." Zayn says. "Ok there will be two rounds. Girls always on top. And if there is a tie breaker then we will settle it as boy and boy without the girls. Got it? Ok good now choose who will be going first out of the guys. I will give you ten seconds. GO!" Harry is going first and it looks like on the second team Zayn is going first. I get onto Harry's shoulders and he smirks up at me. "Oh don't you say a word Styles!" I yell at him knowing what he's thinking. Harry chuckled and we began the game. I'm not as weak as you might think. I'm pretty strong. Me and Perrie are trying to push each other but Zayn is like pulling her down so that if she gets pushed she won't fall. Harry was doing the same but my...girl area was being pushed to hard on Harry. I told him to let me adjust but he but his lip and is making me stay like that. I promised my self I would not get horny during this game. Styles is making that really hard when he is rub bling my legs and making me grind on Harry's neck. I looked back and Niall is glaring at Harry. Thank god someone else sees what he's doing. I look back and Perrie is slipping of of Zayn. "Finally!" I push her down and Zayn and her both fall over. "YESSSS!!!!!" Harry and I high five each other and he lets me go slapping my arse while doing so. It's a good thing Harry's attractive or else it would be go time. "1 point Abs team. Niall and Louis your next." "Got it." Niall grabs me and throws me over his shoulder. Letting me land on his shoulders perfectly. Probably trying to make harry jealous. Sure enough I look back and see Harry glaring and he looks like he's about to tackle Niall. To be honest it's kind of funny that he has a little crush on me. It's cute. Were about to start and Niall looks up at me and I look down at him. I really want to kiss him for some reason. He looks down at my lips then up at my eyes and repeats that. I lean in a little but then I look back up due to Liam yelling that were in a game and Harry slapping my bum trying to make us stop. I start blushing and we start the game. I was a little of guard and Perrie pushed me making me almost fall but I caught myself and grabbed Perries arms. I pushed her side to side then I pushed her feet and stomach making Louis fall down and Perrie go down too! "SUCKAS!!"

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