Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


5. cheer her up

Ok we are going to make sure she gets a better life then she had before. Grab a water bottle and I'll grab my guitar. What song were you guys thinking we should sing to her? Harry asks. Umm how about little things from last years album? Good idea Liam.

We get up to her room on Niall's floor. We knock on the door and she asks who it is. It's all of us Niall says. Oh um ok one sec. She walks over to the door and opens it. She let's us in and before we could say anything we get shot with foam dart from a NERF gun. Oh no you didn't it's on now. We all run to the closet because that's where we keep them but when we come out empty handed she starts laughing. What? Niall asks. Then she hold up five other guns. Looking for these? Haha very funny. Lou says. I know why do you think I'm laughing. Here. She lays them on the bed then runs out of the room as fast as she can and let me tell you she is FAST! We walk out and she is gone so we check every room on every floor. We get to the second floor and still can't find her. Where the hell are you?!? Zayn yells. Ive been behind you since the forth floor guys. We all jump and turn around but don't see her. No you haven't. Then she walks around the corner. That's where your wrong. She says and shoots us again. Ok wait t-game. What? She asks. We should make teams to make it even. Niall says. Or is it because you don't want to lose? A little of both. Ok fine who wants to be on my team then? (All raise their hands) guys I can only pick two. Niall you can be on my team and um Liam you can too. YES Niall and Liam say at the same time. Yea yea let go count to twenty boys then we start the game. Ok. Harry says. We all start running and Abby is of course in front. We get up to Zayn's floor and hide in his bathroom. We turn the lights on to find hiding spots we all found one. Niall chose the shower Liam is under the shelf and in up in the corner. Whoa how did you climb the wall like that little miss Spider-Man?!? You know I got bit by a radio active spider and now I climb walls and shoot webs out of my wrists. Apparently! Liam says. Is this why we couldn't find you and you ended up behind us the whole time? Yea pretty much. Wow good to know. Now if you don't choose us to be on your team we know where to find you. Sucker. No I'm not the sucker because I will choose you for all my teams anyways you guys are the awesome ones. You guys care the most. Ya we are the caring ones but so are the other boys. Ya probably I just only like talking to you guys. K guys follow me. We are gonna win this thing. Roger that. Liam says.

We hear whispering and so I look around the corner and they are all facing the other way. Ok I'll shoot Harry Niall you shoot Louis and Liam Zayn. Ok? Yep. Ok good

Harry's pov: guys I hear something. They are over there. I walk over to the wall and slide on it till I get to the corner. Then Liam peeks over at us. He sees Louis and Zayn looking at him and yells guys they are on to us! They all start running and Abby is already gone and Niall is close behind her but Liam is still in the shooting zone. I aim my gun and hit him on the back of his head. Yes I got Liam. But then I turn around and see Louis and Zayn on the floor with two darts by their body's really now I'm alone I'm more venerable! We know that why we shot them it makes things easier. I just see Niall but I don't see Abby anywhere and I'm scared because she was the one talking. I turn to Niall again and she is standing there with a smirk on her face. What the hell?!? How did you get there?!? A magician never tells their secret. She says while Niall cracks up laughing. Knock,knock w-who's t-there? Not you! Wait what? But before I could say anything else I get shot in the face and the dart gets stuck on my forehead (it was a suction cup one) I slowly sink to the floor pretending to be dead. WHOO WE WON WHAT NOW! Liam gets up and they do a dance. You guys are soo weird!!! Ya but that's what makes people interesting! So thanks for the compliment! Guys I'm hungry! Abby whines. Ok little miss Niall! Hey guys she can be hungry with out referring her to me! Ya we don't have to but we are.

Abby's pov:

Guys I'm hungry! I say. Ok little miss Niall! Harry says. Hey guys she can be hungry with out referring her to me!Ya we don't have to but we are. Louis says. What ever I just want food. Ok ok what do you want? It's your choice I'll eat whatever. How about Nando's? Umm ya sure. Yay! Niall says. Yay? Are you gonna be a girl now? I ask him. What ever Spider-Man. I stick my tung out at him. Your just jelly! Ya well not everyone can be a super hero you know! Liam yells. But your batman! And Louis is superman! And Zayn is kind of like Hulk.

We got a taxi but I hate being in those things I mean ew germs! I'm not a germs phobic but gross people ride in those things and smoke! Nasty! So we rode in the taxi half way and walked the rest it was only like ten minutes away from the house anyways.

We get closer and closer to Nando's and as we get closer I see a blue jeep with the same stickers as Luke's car parked in the car park. I stare at it and see the same crack in the wind shield too. I stop dead in my tracks and stare at it. Abby what's wrong? Liam asks. But I don't answer I just turn around and run to the park across the street almost getting hit by a car speeding. I sit under the slide and start crying. What if he saw me? What if he took my back and beat me for running away? What if Paul couldn't save me again? What if I was k-k-killed?!? ABBY?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!? I hear the boys yelling.

Niall's pov:

Me and Abby were talking and she looked over to the car park. She look at every car and but when she looks at one her eyes get bigger and she stops and walks closer to it. She stares a little more and her face is really pale. Are you ok love? She doesn't answer but she runs to the park across the street almost getting hit by a car speeding by. We get to the park but we can't find her. ABBY?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!? We stay quiet for a second waiting to hear a answer. Harry's by the slide I'm by the swings Louis and Liam are by the bench and Zayn is looking around the whole park. Harry looks under the slide and sits down. Harry get off your butt we are trying to find someone!! Found her! Harry yells back. We all calm down and see her on the ground crying. Abby? Liam whispers. Can...we...go...home? I...have... Explaining Of course we can we can go through the drive through at Mc Donald's and go home. We don't have a car Niall. Oh ya ok we will walk in get food and leave then. We have to pay though. Harry says. No duh smarty pants. Thanks guys. Abby says. No problem princess. She smiles and gets up. You guys are the best. We get that a lot Harry says. Abby hits Harry on the chest. Really can't you say thank you instead of being all like oh ya well we get that a lot. I'm trying to talk to you guys. She says to Harry. Harry puts his hands up in defense.

We get food and walk home...

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