Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


11. Authors note plz read 😥😰

Ok so some of you might have read my book called 'Adopted' if you did then you should know that I have deleted it. But that is only because so many of you wanted me to update and when ever I tried to it wouldn't give me the option to publish there for I deleted it but not to worry because I re created it and it has more chapters. * the ones that wouldn't work before.* so please continue to read it and I hope that all of you understand what has happened and aren't upset with me. Ok thanks. And btw I will be updating all stories through out the week. So enjoy and continue being awesome 🙈🙉🙊


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