Marcel finds love


3. the next day

I woke up and I put on black skinny jeans and a black t shirt and I straighten my hair and put my glasses on marcel drive up in my drive way I got in his car he kissed my forehead and all I did was sit their he asked me what was wrong I said on Instagram hayliegh posted that she loved your kiss I started crying and he stopped the car and said babe I don't care I love you and only you will you be my girlfriend I said idk he kissed me and I heard fireworks and I said yes he yay and we got to school he put him arm on my waist and walked into the school and hayliegh walked up and said hey marcel want to make that a double kiss? And she kissed him I ran he pulled away and yelled PHOEBE BABE I ran and he cought me and kissed me he said I love you babe I said I love you to then the schooldays was over the day went by fast so marcel asked if I wanted to hang out I said ok my mum said ok so marcel drove me to his house and we watched my favorite movie when winter loses her tail I started to cry and he held me I put my face on his chest and he got up and took his shirt off he said he was hot that y he took off his shirt he sat back down and we cuddled and I was watching the ending singing the song and he kissed me and it was so passionit I was so happy then he drove me home and these 4 guys were at my door and asked if I was phoebe and if I new marcel and they came in and sat on my couch my phone beaped and It was on Instagram. Hayliegh posted I can't wait to get to kiss my boyfriend marcel again when I read it I dropped my phone and ran to my bedroom Niall and Liam came and looked confused Niall had my phone he read it I called marcel and said its over he said what why babe I love you I said go on Instagram and read what hayliegh said I my bad you girlfriend I screamed I started to cry Niall came and hugged me he kissed my forehead and all I could do was cry then their was a knock on the door it was marcel I said what do you want I hate you he kissed me and it was magic I asked him what happened he said she was lying then we kissed I was still angry we were still broken up he said babe plz forgive me I said I don't no he said when ever I'm around you I'm on cloud nine he said all this other stuff and we kissed I said I don't know if I can take you back maybe a song would help he sang isn't she lovely and I talckeld him and I said yes yes yes a billion times yes and the boys walked in I was hugging him they said aw you guys are so sweet together I said yea I no he's mine forever I whispered babe I love you he said babe I love you I got a txt from my mum and I had to go home he drove me when we got to my house I said babe can I have. A picture of yup for my phone he grabbed my phone and took a pic and he took a pic of me then I said bye babe he said babe and kissed me he whispered isn't she lovley I was so happy and I got out of the car.

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