Marcel finds love


2. the dance

Marcel was acting really weriod and their was dance in one week I was sitting neck to marcel he paced me a note it said phoebe love will you go to the dance with me check yes or no he had hearts around my name I checked yes and I gave him it back he smiled and kissed my hand after school I ran to my house and I told my mom and she is so happy for me and we whent dress shopping I got a long silky turquoise with bleng on the waist and that's what I got this week whent by fast so it was the night of the dance and I curled my hair and my mom did my make up and I wore my converses I don't wear heals I heated a knock on the door my mom got it it was marcel his hair was curly I loved it he saw me and said wow u blushed and my mom toke a pic and marcel picked me up bridal styles and took me to the car and when we got to school every body starred at me and one direction little things came on marcel asked me to dance I said yes so we slow danced and I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed me and then I told him that I had to go to the ladies room and when I got out I saw him kissing a popular girl hayliegh I ran and marcel ran after me and then i fell and got up he ran up and hugged me I cried and he told me that she kissed him I believed him and he kissed me for about 10 minutes and he drives me home I was still mad but not as much so when I got to my house he said I'm so sorry babe I just hugged him

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