Marcel finds love


4. school

I woke up in the best mood ever I put in a pair of lime green skinny jeans and a white tank top and a paintsplatter crop top I straightens my hair and did my make up just eyeshadow and mascara u wasn't hungry I heard a beep beep and marcel txt me hey babe I'm here I said my mom and ran out the door I jumped in the car and marcel said morning love I gave him the biggest bear hug he said why are you so happy I said I'm the luckiest girl ever he had a really big grin I was so happy he aside phoebe. Can I tell. You something I aside anything he said my reall name is Harry styles that's why my house is so big I'm in one direction I screamed and I got out of the car and I ran to school marcel/Harry found me at school crying in my one direction magazine he said phoebe I looked up I smiled he looked confused I said hey can I call you hazza he said yes I hugged him and said I'm going on tour do you want to come with me I screamed yes I said it all made seance I was hanging out with the boys this whole time I was so happy after school my mom told me I could go so I packed all my bags and hazza took my bag my phone whent off and my ringtone is what makes you beautiful everybody laughed I blushed I was so embarrassed hazza picked me up bridal style out first stop was Kentucky that's were my cuzens are and Harry got me front row seats I saw my cuzens at the Gate I told Harry to let them in and he did I ran to them and smiled they saw the boys and my cuzon Amber started crying

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