Dangerous Hearts (Kellic)

After calling the wrong prostitution agency, Kelin meets a young prostitute name Vic. But not everyone is exactly who they seem when feelings start to form and an old ex trying to make their life a living hell.​​ (Warnings: Boyxboy smut almost every chapter. Some sexual assault. I do let you know before hand.)


17. Chapter Seventeen

*Warning: Brief mentions of the last chapter that may be sensitive to some people.*

On the way back, Vic held me as close to him as possible without suffocating me in the car. My crying, for the most part, had stopped. My breathing was still really shaky and heavy, and it was the same with my body. I was numb and shaky, but at the same time, I was insanely sore and pained. It actually kind of scared me. Somewhere along the way, I got a really bad panic attack. It made my chest hurt like crazy every time I would take a breath and let it back out. After what felt like forever, we pulled up to the house and Vic help me out of the car. My legs were all wobbly—from the crying or from still being kind of drunk, I wasn’t really sure—but without him, I probably would have fallen right on my face.

He helped me up the stairs and into bed. I really just laid there like I was dead. Moving was way too painful. If I tried to sit up, a stinging pain would rip through my spine. Vic pulled off my shirt, pants, and shoes, leaving me in my boxers. I rolled on my side and wrapped my arms around myself before I brought my knees up closer to my chest. I heard noises from him shifting around before I felt the bed dip down behind me. His arm slid around my waist, and I felt his warm chest press against my back. My body went tense—I felt a little scared. His lips pressed to my shoulder a few times to calm me just a little, and I rested into him. Eventually, everything that happened got to me, and I passed out.

~[Vic’s P.O.V.]~
I woke up with Kellin sitting up, just staring straight ahead of him at the blank wall. I sat up next to him. “Hey, Kells,” I said quietly. He didn't move or do anything. I shook his arm a little, and he jumped in his spot. “Shit. I'm sorry,” I said when he turned and looked at me.

“It-it’s fine.” He shook his head and smiled a little. It wasn't a very happy smile. It was the kind of smile someone would give you when they’re trying to hide something.

“Kellin, can you please tell me what’s wrong?” He paused and shook his head at me, then looked back at his fixated place on the wall. “Please, Kellin? You looked completely shredded yesterday.” He looked at me again and kissed me.

“Vic, it’s nothing.” He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me again. I held his arms and kept kissing him.

We fell back with him lying on top of me. He gripped my thighs and ground his hips into mine. “Kells,” I said, getting him to stop and move up a little bit so that I could talk to him. “I don’t know if we should be doing this. You were so sad yesterday. I don't want us to just have sex because of something else.” He kissed me again.

“I'm not. I really just wanna have sex, okay?” I sighed and nodded. He continued to kiss me. I can't pass up sex with Kellin, even if I wanted to. I held his hips and pulled him to me. His chest was so warm soft against mine. He bit my bottom lip, pulling on it.

He kissed down my jaw, and I rolled my head back. He kissed my neck, sucking on the pulse in my throat. His lower body was slowly rocking into me, my hips working slightly with him. It was a good thing I was only wearing boxers. I was getting really hard, and I could feel Kellin getting a little hard, too. He planted kisses on the sensitive skin behind my ear and nibbled on the lobe, tugging on it lightly. His lips hovered over my collarbone. His breath tickled my skin, sending all of the sensations to my hardening member.

He went further down, sucking on my right nipple and teasing the other one between his fingers. When he took control, he really knew how to pleasure someone. He sucked on my sensitive nipple, making me moan and arch my back slightly off the bed. He switched his mouth and his fingers so that he was sucking on the other nipple, giving it the same treatment as the other. He dragged his tongue along my skin back up to my neck before he detached himself from me. He kissed my lips again and moved back down, eye level with the tent in my boxers.

I propped myself up on my elbows so that I could look at him and see what he was doing. He smirked and started rubbing me from outside my boxers. I whimpered and gulped. He pulled the elastic down, revealing the small, red indents on my skin from my boxers. His tongue traced along the patterns. I let out a few heavy breaths in an attempt to keep myself contained. He pulled my boxers over my dick, freeing it from the fabric. He slowly started stroking my member and licked up the bottom all the way to the tip. I rolled my eyes back, and I dropped back on the mattress.

His lips wrapped around the tip, sucking on it lightly. He pulled off, swiveling his tongue around it, and licked the slit. He did it a few more times, each time taking a little bit more of me into his mouth. One of my hands gripped the sheets, and the other tangled in his hair. My mouth hung open and moans kept escaping. I pushed his head down so that he took all of me in his mouth, deep-throating me. He gagged a little, and I pulled him back so that I wouldn't choke him. But, fuck, that felt really good. That time he did it again but on his own. He pulled back up, sucking on the tip and stroking the bottom half. My hips pushed themselves up, trying to get my member farther in his mouth.

He pulled off with a light ‘pop’ at the end. He came back up, kissing me before finally pulling my boxers all the way off and removing his own as well. He laid back down on me and stroked our members together. I went to push him on his back, but he stopped me and shook his head. He bit my neck and got between my legs on his knees. I guess he was planning on topping. I kinda wanted him to stretch me, but I felt like I’d come before we even got to actually have sex if he did, so I didn't say anything to him. I didn't know if he would do it anyway. His face was full of determination.

He got the lube from the nightstand and stroked it on himself. Without saying a word, he lined himself up with me and pushed in. It hurt a little, but I was okay. He waited a second for me to get used to him before pulling out and pushing back in. He moved like that a few more times and kissed me, sucking my tongue into his mouth so that he could put his in mine. A few moans came from the back of his throat, and I wanted to hear more or them. It was a little hard since I was the bottom.

I started to rotate my hips, and he let out a groan. He stopped my movements and gripped my thighs before he pulled my legs up and rested them on his shoulders. It was a new position for us, but I wasn't opposing to it. He pushed my thighs closer to my chest to support himself as he went faster. With the position, there wasn't much that I could do except moan, but it didn't really bother me. I pulled on the sheets, moaning loudly at the feeling of him slipping in and out of me. Just the thought of it sent me into a whole new set of moans.

His hips were snapping faster into me and pounding even harder into the one spot inside me. I really, really liked that new position. The back of my head was pushed into the pillows. Kellin was groaning and panting above me. His hair was sticking to his face from sweat, and his cheeks were flushed. It was a really hot sight mixed with the immense feeling of pleasure that was bursting through my body with every thrust. Every time he pushed into that one spot, it sent me practically screaming.

“Jack yourself off,” he groaned. Without any hesitation, I snaked my arm between my thighs and my stomach. I started to jerk myself off as fast as I could. The pleasure was building fast and intense. The heat pooling in my stomach was getting hotter until my body felt like it was on fire, and I didn't know how much longer I could last. I rubbed my thumb along the tip of my dick, and I was done. I came, shooting onto my stomach. Complete ecstasy washed over my body. My legs and arms got heavier as my body went weak, my legs going limp. “Fuck that was hot!” Kellin practically growled from above me. He started going faster and harder, pounding himself into me like a jackhammer. I was still in a fit of moans from the assault.

A few minutes later, Kellin came inside me with a loud mix of moans and groans. He dropped my legs back to the bed, making me sigh since I was then in a little more comfortable position. He kept moving, riding out his high, and then pulled out of me. He rolled off of me and onto his back, still stroking himself a little, and then stopped. Both of us were covered in sweat and panting. He didn't look at me at all. He didn't even say anything before getting up and going into the bathroom with his boxers. I sat up and wiped my stomach off, sliding my boxers back on as well. Even though my body was in complete bliss, I still felt like something was wrong.

I lay down to wait for Kellin to get out of the bathroom. After about two hours, I felt really uneasy. I got up and knocked on the door of the bathroom. I heard a weird gurgling sound, so I opened the door. Kellin had his head over the toilet. I sighed and walked over to him, sitting next to him on the floor. I rested my back against the wall and ran my hand up and down his back, trying to sooth him. He stopped throwing up and flushed the toilet. I pulled him back against me.

“I hate you looking at me like this.” He sounded tired and kind of cute, if I’m being honest. Tired Kellin was one of my favorites.

“Yeah, well, I get my fair share of nights like this, too. I didn't drink a lot last night, though, just enough to get mildly drunk.” His face dropped when I mentioned the night before. “Kells, can you tell me what happened last night?” I asked quietly.

“I'm just an emotional drunk. That's all.” I put my hand under his jaw and moved his face so that he was looking at me. He had tears in his eyes and he looked... almost lifeless. His voice was shaky. It sounded like he was going to break at any second.

“Kellin… Please tell me,” I said quietly, trying to get him to talk.

“I can't.” He started cry a little, and his body was shaking against mine. I held him tight, and his arm slid around my waist.

“Please, Kellin. I wanna help you, but I can't do that if you don't tell me what’s wrong.” I was starting to get worried. What could be so bad that he couldn't even tell me what was wrong?

He looked really hesitant, but I needed to know. If something was hurting him that bad, I just wanted to stop it. “Okay,” he finally said. “At the party last night, after we were done in the bedroom, I left to go find Audrey or Amy to see if they were ready to go or not.” He sobbed some more, and I just squeezed him, letting him know that it was okay. “I was really, really drunk and out of it. Someone from behind me stopped me from falling, and...” He was a complete mess.

“Who was it?” I asked him, really afraid of the answer.

“Dan.” He cried into my shoulder. My heart completely sank in my chest. I felt tears well in my eyes.

“What did he do to you?” I kind of already knew the answer, but I needed him to solidify my speculations.

“He raped me again.” He bawled into my shoulder, hanging on like it was his life. “He hurt me, Vic. Please, just make it stop.” He was hysterical. “Please…”

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