Dangerous Hearts (Kellic)

After calling the wrong prostitution agency, Kelin meets a young prostitute name Vic. But not everyone is exactly who they seem when feelings start to form and an old ex trying to make their life a living hell.​​ (Warnings: Boyxboy smut almost every chapter. Some sexual assault. I do let you know before hand.)


5. Chapter Five

I couldn’t get enough of Vic. Every time he touched me, I felt completely helpless. But I wasn't complaining. I never even knew our bodies could create that much pleasure.

Vic rolled off of me and lay next to me, the two of us catching our breath again. That was turning into an everyday thing, and I didn't want that to change. The day prior, Vic had followed me home, and I asked him to stay the night. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure why I asked him—I never let people stay over. Maybe I just wanted morning sex again. Yeah, I’m just gonna stick with that.

“Where did you learn all of this?” I chuckled, rolling onto my side so that I was facing Vic.

“Practice, I guess,” Vic said and shrugged.

“Well, you feel fucking amazing!” I probably sounded like some kind of girl, but, honestly, I was in so much pleasure that I didn't even care at the moment. We lay on my bed, making mindless chatter, a lot about the music we listened to. I was starting to feel sleepy, like I usually do after sex. Vic looked like he was getting sleepy, too. Both of our eyes got heavy, and soon we were asleep.


I woke up to the feeling of two strong arms wrapped around me. It’d been a long time since I’d cuddled with anyone while I slept. It felt good; nice. I felt kind of safe in his arms—it was like I couldn't get hurt in anyway. I know that was a joke—if I ever let my walls down, I’d get hurt. I snuggled closer to Vic and wrapped the arm I wasn't laying on around his waist. I nuzzled my nose into the crook of his neck. He smelled good. That sounded creepy, but it was true. He smelled like vanilla and sex. I have no clue where the vanilla was coming from, but I really liked it.

I rested my body against his. He made a small noise in the back of his throat and wiggled a little bit, holding me tighter. I smiled and looked at him. He was really gorgeous. What was I thinking? I couldn't get interested in this guy. Just because I was sleeping with him doesn't mean that I wanted to be romantically involved. Plus, he was too good for me—even if I did want anything with him. He deserved someone better. Prostitute or not, I'm not worth anything compared to him.

After about an hour, he started to move around again, slowly opening his eyes. He looked down at me and smiled. I lent up and connected our lips, tasting him. This boy was like a drug that I couldn't get enough of. We kissed deeply, his hand tangling in my hair and my own tangling in his. It was kind of romantic, in a way, but I pulled back. I smiled and got up, walking to the bathroom. I brushed my hair and my teeth and slid my clothes on. By the time I got back out, Vic was still on my bed buttoning up his shirt.

I shut my bathroom door, maybe a little too hard, causing the guitar that was behind it to fall over.

“You play guitar?” he asked, walking over and picking it up.

“Um... no,” I mumbled, feeling a little weird. Who has a guitar and can't play it? He looked at me a bit confusedly. “I’ve always wanted to play. I just never got around to learning.” He sat back on the bed with the instrument in his lap.

“I can teach you?” he offered, smiling at me and strumming a few chords.

“Really?” I asked, sitting next to him.

“Yeah, why not? I love playing guitar. I'm pretty good at it.” I nodded and smiled at him. He placed the guitar in my lap and sat behind me with his legs on either side of my hips. “Okay, hold it like this and place this hand here,” he explained moving my hand in the right positions on the guitar. “Place your finger here and strum lightly.” I did as I was told. The sound from the guitar wasn't exactly great, but it was a start.

“Do you know how to read music, too?” I asked him.

“Not really. My dad taught me how to play just by listening. Sheet music was never really anything I wanted to learn. I know some, but hand me a sheet with notes and I won't move.” He laughed, making me strum some more. He thought me about four cords and had me play them in different orders. I wasn't really good, but you could tell there was some kind of rhythm to it.

“Here, I wanna watch you play,” I said. I moved off the bed and handed him the guitar.

I got behind him like he was to me. He started playing a song. I didn't recognize it; I must have been something he put together. It sounded really good, though. It was very rock with some kind of Spanish element to it. He was really good. I rested my head on his shoulder and twisted my arms around his torso as he played. I really liked small loving things like that, even if I didn't really notice I was doing it. Small things like that made me happy.

I started kissing his neck. I didn't intend for it to be sexual, but it quickly turned that way. He strummed the wrong cord messing up whatever tone he was playing. He stopped and rolled his head to the side, allowing my more access to his neck. I bit and sucked on it. I moved back a little admiring the small hickey that was starting to form on his neck. He sat the guitar on the ground and turned around, pulling me into his lap so that I was straddling him. My fingers laced behind his neck, and I slid my tongue into his mouth, making sure to savor his sweet taste.

I pushed down on him lightly so his back hit the bed and made slow, dirty circles with my hips, causing a small moan come escape from his lips. His hands on my hips made me roll them back and forth. I could feel how hard he was getting from the outside of his pants, and I was getting there again, too. We moved up the bed, and I continued to straddle him, slowly undoing his shirt and kissing the newly exposed skin as I went farther down his chest. The problem in my pants was slowly starting to get painful.

I got to the hem of his jeans and unzipped them, pulling them and his boxers down to mid-thigh. His half-erection sprang out of his pants and fell to his lower abdomen. “Kellin,” Vic mumbled, and I looked up at him. “You don’t have to do that,” he said. It was nice to know that he cared a little about if I was ready to suck someone’s dick or not. I’ve never really had anyone care.

“No, I want to. I wanna try it,” I said back, and he nodded. I took a deep breath. I’ve never touched another guy like that, so it was a little weird.

I very slowly started stroking his length, feeling a little awkward. I looked at him, and he just nodded at me. I stroked him a little faster and gripped a little bit tighter. Vic’s breathing got ridged, and he groaned, pushing his head into the pillows. I guess I was doing something right. I got a little bit bolder with myself and licked the underside to the head of his dick. “Shit,” Vic moaned pushing his hips up a little. I took more of him in my mouth, sucking in different spots, trying to find his most sensitive spots. His fingers tangled in my hair but didn't force me down. I kept sucking on him, making sure I was applying the right amount of suction.

Vic moans started to get louder and more desperate. “Fuck, Kellin. Ung, stop unless you want me to come right now.” I pulled off of him with a slight pop.

“Can, I uh... ride you?” I felt awkward asking the question. That was always the girl’s job, and from my experience, and the dick I had between my legs, I was definitely a guy. He nodded and kissed me eagerly. We both quickly discarded our clothes again for the second time today. I got another condom out of the nightstand next to the bed and opened it, rolling it onto Vic. I poured some lube into my hands and massaged Vic’s member with it. His breathing was getting heavy again.

I stopped and positioned myself above him, holding him at my entrance, and slowly sank down on him. We only finished a couple hours ago, so I didn't need stretched. We both let out a loud groan as I went down. He felt so much bigger from this position. I felt so full, and let me tell you, if felt fucking amazing. Vic held my hips, and I started grinding on him, moving my hips back and forth. We both moaned as I moved faster. His dick kept touching that one spot inside me, making me moan loudly. I had already felt close, and there was no doubt that Vic was even closer from the blowjob I had given him.

I took Vic’s hands and pinned them above his head, lacing our fingers together. I rocked my hips harder against him and started kissing him. “Oh, fuck,” I moaned as I detached my lips from Vic and buried my face in his neck. I unlaced our fingers and placed them on either side of his head, gripping onto the sheets. His hands went straight to my hips again, fingers curling around the bones. He moved me up a little and held me in place, thrusting his hips up into me and sending me yelling as he pounded into my prostate. I could hear his desperate moans mixing with mine, so I knew that he was close.

I sat back down so that I was sitting up straight and started bouncing on Vic as fast as I could get my hips to move. One of his hands made its way to my member and quickly jerked me off. I ground my hips, making sure that he was hitting every part of me. Vic's thumb brushed over my tip a couple times, and I was done. I let out a loud moan of his name and came, shooting on his chest. All of my muscles clenched, and he came inside of me, gripping my member and the sheets. He continued to stroke me, and I rolled my hips, making sure that we were both done.

I literally fell off of Vic and lay beside him, panting and sweating.

“Fuck, if you keep making me have sex with you, I'm gonna turn into a sex addict.” He just laughed at me.

“You wanted me to—you’re probably already a sex addict.” He rolled back on me and kissed me quickly. He threw away the condom, and we got dressed again. I wish I could just stay naked all the time. “Hey do, uh, do you wanna get coffee or something tomorrow?” The question caught me by surprise a little bit.

“Um, I'm not interested in guys... just—”

“The sex, I know. I mean, just as friends. Not... anything else.”

“Yeah, I’d love to,” I replied, smiling. What could coffee do? It’s not a date; it’s just hanging out… as friends.​

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