Niall was walking to Nandos and decided to take a shortcut down an alleyway when he is attacked by a vampire! Then rescued by a beautiful vampire girl named Elizabeth. What will happen?
(mature because of curse words blood ect.)


3. Proving it

"I'll tell you as soon as I get cleaned up and changed." They nodded and left. Niall stayed behind "Are you sure you want to tell them?" Niall asked. I sighed "Yes, they were gonna find out sometime." After I had cleaned up I walked into the living room and stood in front of the boys. "Well I'm just gonna get straight to the point, I'm a vampire." I said seriously. They all laughed except for Niall. "Oh and I'm a unicorn!" Louis said almost in tears from laughing so hard. "Guys she's serious." Niall said standing up and walking over to me.

"Niall wasn't really attacked by an animal in that alley, he was attacked by my friend Blake who is also a vampire." I said. "Yea!" Niall said "I even got the bite marks to prove it!" he said pulling the fabric of his shirt collar down so the boys could see. I had bitten him in the same place Blake had bitten so the marks were still a little swollen from being bit twice. "That doesn't prove anything." Louis said crossing his arms.

"You could bite me again." Niall suggested. I shook my head "No, I don't want you to pass out." "Then bite Liam." he said. "What?! I don't want anyone biting me!" Liam protested. I looked into Liam's eyes and made mine turn red and my fangs come out. I walked over to the couch and sat on Liam's lap. "This will only hurt a little bit." I said tilting his head. I kissed his neck until I found a good spot and bit down. I heard the other boys scream and Liam is trying to get away. I pulled away and licked the bite. I smiled at him, my eyes and teeth back to normal now. "Now do you believe me?" I asked looking at him and the other boys. They all nodded but Liam winced from the pain in his neck. "Sorry about that." I apologized. "It's ok." He said a little scared.

I stood up by Niall. "Ok so now that you all know that I'm a vampire, you have three options. One: I kill you all, Two: I have to stay with you so you won't tell, or Three: I turn you all into vampires. But I won't do option three unless you are dying." I said. They all agreed on option two. I told them all about the alley incident, my powers, and how I turned into a vampire. "For some reason Niall wanted me to turn him!" I said looking at Niall, who was looking down sheepishly. "Why didn't you?" Zayn asked. "Well like I said I won't do it unless you are dying and I can't just take your life away from you like that." I replied. "I think it would be awesome to be a vampire," Louis said "can you turn us into vampires?".

I was shocked "Did you not just listen to what I said?!" I exclaimed. "We listened to you, it's just that being a vampire would be pretty awesome." Harry said. Ok now I have to convince them that they don't want to be a vampire. I mean seriously who would think murdering people is 'awesome'? "You don't understand!" I said "I have been murdering innocent people for the past 201 years! No matter how hard I try, I have to drink human blood. And it is not pleasant for the person." Liam and Niall agreed, it was not pleasant at all. They still wanted to be turned but I wasn't going to do that. Why do they not see the consequences? Ugh

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