Dark forces,you better hold onto your hats(Harry Potter's kids fanfic)

Hi I'm Annabel-rose,and my life is plain CRAP.
Living with parents like mine is pretty tough especially when one wouldn't hurt a fly(mom)and then the other wants to kill you every second of the day(dad).To make matters worse I will be attending Hogwarts this year(not that,that is a bad thing)with my crush.But when I move into Draco's house all sorts of bad things happening like:My gran's spirit coming to haunt me,the story's that I write getting spoken by the sorting hat.Me and my new friends are on the case with a little help from a dead headmaster and the minister for magic of course.Dark forces you better hold on tight because your in for a bumpy ride.



Everyone was staring and it was a little unnerving.I saw James at the Griffindor table with his friends Alastair,Morgan and Denis next to him was his girlfriend Ruby star,she also was a second year.I saw verity shaking,Scorpi almost crying,Albus mouthing somthing or other to his brother and kitty-Olivia flipping her hair and trying to look cool.Suddenly the staring ceased and everybody's eyes went to the sorting hat.But something wasn't right I could sense it.The sorting hats mouth had gone a shrivelled it was also a neon green.It started talking in a raspy voice.It said:

The little girl cowered into the corner with her stepdad standing over her.she was so scared.he lifted the mallet about to bring it down onto her head when her mother burst in.
"What are you doing "mom dammed.
"Not what you think I'm doing"my stepfather stuttered out.
"And what exzacly are you doing,are you not about,to kill my daughter"she yelled picking him up by the scruff of the neck and dragging him out of the house.
"GET OUT OR I WILL KILL YOU"mom threatened with gritted teeth.I walked up to him and swung my fist knocking him out cold.I grabbed the phone and dialled 999.
--------------------------------------5 minutes later-----------------------------------------
"Ok who has been harming this little one"the fat man asked me.
"He has been harming me since mom married him 4yr's ago."I stuttered out.i was terrerfied.
"And he is out because"he asked mom.
"Because Lottie knocked him out"mom explained.her eyes shinning with pride.
"Did your mama know that he was harming you"He questioned me.
"No she didn't mom didn't have a clue"I quivered.The questioning went on for some time.Suddenly there was a stir in the corner of the room,Bobby was coming round.
"Moira,Moira I didn't mean to harm your little Lottie but she is a vile little brat"he spat out.
"Of course you didn't "mom sighed.
Dave the police man spoke up then."so we will be taking this gentleman down the station,call me if you need anything my number is on the fridge."And with that the police men and Edward followed in handcuffs.I was in awe.That was my story the on I had written in my diary at Draco's house a couple of days ago.There was a small smattering of uncertain applause.

"um.....Right well that was..."A professor trailed of

"interesting"another professor finished.

"ok,let the sorting begin"the only professor I know said(Professor longbottom).

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