Nashville Party

Sam and her 3 best friends, Morgan, Hannah, and Lauren head for a concert in Nashville. It turns out that Lauren and Hannah's boyfriends end up following them all the way there. The girls get lost and stop at a restaurant. they meet to guys, Alex and Derek, and something they never expected to happened, happened.


9. Morning

Sam's p.o.v

As always, i was the first to wake. When i woke though, i was in a bed, not on the floor, and someones body was right next to mine with arms wrapped around me, giving me great warmth. I heard the soft breathing of the person behind me and so I slowly turned over to face the person. It....was Alex! "What the heck?" I thought to myself. "Did I do this?" I wondered to myself as I looked at him some more, still trying to figure out what happened. Then i started thinking of something else. I will be honest.... I thought Alex was absolutely adorable and cute. " Does this mean he feels the same about me that I do about him?" I thought to myself. Then i turned slowly back around to face the other side of the room. I slowly got unwrapped from Alex's grip and went over to the other bed, Derek's. There i found Morgan, fast asleep in his arms. I lightly shook her awake and said,"Hey, lets go make breakfast for the others." I said, whispering so not to wake the boys. "Ugh, fine"she growled, looking very ticked off about leaving Derek. Then we went in the kitchen and ate, "So do you think you and Derek are a...thing now?" I asked, smiling at her. "I guess so, though I don't remember ever getting in his bed so it was weird waking up there with him holding me, but it was nice at the same time."she said, smiling with a small blush on her face. "That's how it was with me but i was in Alex's bed!" I said, feeling my face heat up slightly, thinking of the way he has holding me."I think we both might have found the people we are meant to be with."I said, grinning at Morgan "Oh my gosh, you might just  be right!" she giggled with joy. "Alright it's 8:00 now, lets go get the other two girls up." I said as we walked off to get the girls up.

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