Nashville Party

Sam and her 3 best friends, Morgan, Hannah, and Lauren head for a concert in Nashville. It turns out that Lauren and Hannah's boyfriends end up following them all the way there. The girls get lost and stop at a restaurant. they meet to guys, Alex and Derek, and something they never expected to happened, happened.


3. Getting Lost

Sam's p.o.v

" Hey Lauren, Hannah get up! We can see Nashville!" Morgan said excitedly as the girls sat up and squealed excitedly as we drove into the city. I was of coarse stuck driving since the only other girl who could drive was Hannah but she was new at it and refused to drive in the city. "Morgan, get in my blue bad and find the paper that says where we are going." I said pointing to the bag. 'Okay, here it is." she said then started reading it to me. " It is on 103 main west street on the eastern side of the city."
"Alright, I can get there I guess." I said, trying to sound sure of myself. We drove for about an hour before i said anybody wanna guess where the heck we are?" I said looking at the back seat hopefully. "Not a clue." they all said. " All I know of for sure is that we are lost and I'm STARVING!" said Morgan. " And besides, The concert is already half way over so it wouldn't be worth it to go anyway so lets just find somewhere to eat and decide what to do." said Hannah, who is the most logical one when things go wrong.Then the girls saw a McDonald's and stopped to get some food and figure out what on earth to do.

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