Nashville Party

Sam and her 3 best friends, Morgan, Hannah, and Lauren head for a concert in Nashville. It turns out that Lauren and Hannah's boyfriends end up following them all the way there. The girls get lost and stop at a restaurant. they meet to guys, Alex and Derek, and something they never expected to happened, happened.


6. Explanation

"Okay, start taking, NOW!" i said. Not even 5 minuets after we arrived at Alex and Derek's apartment there had been a knock at the door. It turned out to be Jacob and Tyler! "Fine" Jacob said, breaking under the pressure of all of us staring at him." Me and Tyler were worried about you so we decide to follow you guys to make sure nothing bad happened. We weren't planning on letting you know and just staying in the hotel you guys stayed in, but then you started following them," he said nodding at Alex and Derek,"and we wanted to be with you guys just in case." He said, wincing when Hannah shook her head in disbelief and under disappointment. " So you just decided to follow us around Nashville?" I said in disgust. "Well....ya i guess." said Tyler, who was also receiving a look from Lauren. " now that your here i guess you guys are staying with us and the girls then?" asked Derek, who seemed to want to stop arguing. "Ya, we might as well." said Jacob smiling at Hannah. "Okay then let's see where we can put everyone." said Alex as he wandered off to find some blankets.

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