Kaitlyn was at the Austin Mahone concert the they herd her say some bad things about them.
Who are they?
What did she say?
What happens to her and Austin ?
Read to find out!


4. Secretly Crushing!!

~Kaitlyn's P.O.V~

 I did secretly have a crush on Niall and Louis but I can't forget who brought me here. Then I made the hardest deal of my life.  I knew Austin was hurting and I hated to see him in pain and plus he had shows he had to do but me, no one would miss me and I had nothing better to do with my time so I made an offer to the boys. I stood there I looked each of the five boys in the eyes and then I spoke "I want to make you a deal." Louis replied "What kind of deal?" "A trade." I knew I had there attention. Then Niall spoke "What is your trade?" "Me for his freedom." They looked to each other so I stated " I will stay behind with you guys for however long it takes and you will let Austin go." They looked at each other considering my offer but just as Louis was about to speak Austin mustered up his energy and said "No I will NOT let you do this Kaitlyn." Then Zayn walked over to him and put a rag over his mouth and then he was silent and then again I spoke. "So do we have a deal?" I extended my hand and Louis accepted it and said the word I feared most at this moment. "Deal." Austin was then knocked out again and put in the back of a car to head off to his next concert. I tried to stay strong but as I watched the car drive off I sank to my knees and started to cry until some one came and picked me up off the ground.

Louis' P.O.V

I saw her watch the car drive off. I watched her try not to cry but when she finally broke I went and picked her up and toted her inside. I knew I had feelings for her. I laid her on my bed as she cried her self to sleep while I comforted her.Once she was in a deep sleep I left and found the other boys. They were talking so I joined in on the conversation and we were talking about her.... Kaitlyn what a perfect name for a perfect girl she was so gorgeous and she didn't even know it. Then I herd Niall speak up he said " I kind of like her." then I spoke up " I like her to mate." I really wanted to say that she was mine but Niall and I decided that we would let her choose and it was on.             

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