Kaitlyn was at the Austin Mahone concert the they herd her say some bad things about them.
Who are they?
What did she say?
What happens to her and Austin ?
Read to find out!


2. After

~Kaitlyn's P.O.V~

So I got to meet Austin after the concert and I asked him why he gave me his phone number and he said because he thought I was hot!! I was so happy and I am the same age as Austin 19. So then we started talking about his career and I told him that I thought that he was better than One Direction (I don't have anything against one direction).I had no idea that they were coming to visit him and congratulate him on his tour  it was unfortunate that I was telling him this just as someone was walking through the door I did not get a good look at the people coming through the door then the only thing I remember was some one knocking me out and toting me somewhere.

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