Dead Power

Jade Knowles has been dead for some time. Heaven is almost boring to her, so when Tygar, a newly dead, arrives at the Pearly Gates, he introduces her to a world where the dead are alive...


7. Town sweet Town

I fall into the comfy snow-white leather, digging my shiny white nails into the arm rest. I have a stranger in my house, helping himself to my food and now my SPARE BEDROOM, and all I can think about is sitting down?!

I am calm. I am collected. I am respectable. I am kind.

Thanks, Hope. I needed that.

I rub my hand over my forehead, shutting my eyes for more concentration. There is a guy in my house with a strange power. I'm dead. I'm going crazy. I'm dead.

I open up my eyes and jump. He is standing there again. But he actually has a shirt on. My hands fall to my sides and I'm itching to say something, but I'm not quite sure what.

"So, where's my bedroom?" he asks coolly, looking me up and down. His eyes brows are raised, but other features say nothing.

"It's upstairs."

His eyebrows drop suddenly, and he frowns.

"Where upstairs? Third door on the fifth floor?"

He is really good at sarcasm. Like, the best sarcastic-maniac in Heaven. I've never heard anyone use those tones before.

"Well done, you've reached never-know level. Come back when you become NICE."

I lift up from the sofa and float through the central room towards the stairs. I feel him following behind, his presence is unmistakable. The sweet and strong aroma of after-shave and those quirky bottles of Lynx. It's almost enough to make me gag, but at the same time, enough to make me want to...

"I get it, I smell nice" he mutters from behind me. I feel his feet land with a soft thud on the stairs.

I stop abruptly on the step before the landing. Then I spin wildly and glare at him. It's rumored that in Hell, when your angry, every splash of skin glows red, every root of hair bursts into flames and every tiny feature up to the very tip of your toes scorch. I feel as though I am in Hell right now, but somehow, the flames are stronger than the ones in the fiery pits could ever be.

"Well you didn't seem to remember to tell me you were a MIND-READER" I growl, the flames growing with every dying second. I narrow my eyes and continue to glare. He had almost forgotten about being in my hou...-

"I didn't think that would be an issue. Maybe I should call for God and ask him to send me somewhere else?"

"Oh, what a suggestion that is. Why didn't I think of that in the first place?"

"Oh just shut up, Jade!"

"Oh, just LEAVE MY HOUSE, Tygar!"

I fly away, straight towards my glowing white bedroom. I slam the door as loudly as I can, making it as clear as possible to Tygar that he's really done it now. Then I shoot out onto the Balcony and watch out over the beautiful town. The serenity is surprisingly soothing as I watch all the residents of Heaven float or walk about, thinking only of their everyday business. The White Market is filled with hopeful Memory Men, and the Town Square is buzzing with life. Well, it would be if we were on Earth, alive and living. I guess you could replace 'buzzing with life' to 'buzzing with white-death'.


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