Dead Power

Jade Knowles has been dead for some time. Heaven is almost boring to her, so when Tygar, a newly dead, arrives at the Pearly Gates, he introduces her to a world where the dead are alive...


6. Surprise, Surprise!

The third minute is about to pass. Wait for it... and there we go. It's been three minutes since I yelled to the ceiling, my lungs ready to burst. Hold on, I don't exactly have lungs. Who am I kidding? This is pointless! Maybe I should go and find Patience...?

Instead, I whirl around and make a bee-line for the kitchen. Food. I want food. I'm starved. If there's going to be a visitor, he can at least wait until I've eaten. Perhaps its a good thing that Patience isn't here. I mean, if anyone's going to be here, it's Charity. And she's giving me a whole lot of it.


I spread butter on the bread with a silver and white knife. Then I drop the knife in the Washer, that automatically cleans up after me, and turn around to fold my bread in half.

"Oh my Lord!" I screech, my face only centimetres away from a big buff chest. And it's bare.

"Nice to meet you too, roomie. Oooh, can I have that? I'm starved."

He reaches an arm to my left and scoops up the sandwich. His muscles are tense. REALLY TENSE. Oh my... he's my roommate?

I shake my head and turn serious. Who gives him the right to steal my supplies? I'm not going shopping again this week. The cupboard portal is pretty scary. I could end up in Ablington or Smallberry Shoppers Weekly.

"That's mine. I made it for a reason. And you, I'm guessing, are Tygar. What sort of name is that anyway?"

"Jade? Seriously? Your a gem, honey, and you live up to your name."

It was sarcasm. SAR-CAS-M. I haven't heard that in a while, but its blatantly obvious. I'm usually calm and caring, but he has just given me the kick-start I need.

"Your in my house, and you follow MY rules? Are we clear?" I spit, shoving him out of the way. Technically I don't have too, I could fly fiercely to the right, but what's the fun in that? "Oh, and before I forget? Put a shirt on. It can get real cold."

Central room, here I come.

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