Dead Power

Jade Knowles has been dead for some time. Heaven is almost boring to her, so when Tygar, a newly dead, arrives at the Pearly Gates, he introduces her to a world where the dead are alive...


5. Request

"It's fine to be upset, Jade. It's perfectly acceptable. But Patience obviously didn't do a good job of wiping away those bad vibes."

I open up my eyes and watch as God stands from his desk.

"The thing is, Jade, your mother was a PowerCule. She was able to manipulate objects into doing what she asked of them. Tygar has the same power, there for I feel that you are the best girl for this job.  What do  you say? Will you help Tygar through his new found destiny?"

I bite my lip. I have just found out my mum was a... a PowerCule. We were taught about them in Newly Dead classes, but I didn't think... Was my mother using her powers when I was dying? Is that what God was trying to show me?

"Yes" I say aloud, before I even realize I've said it.

A smile breaks free from God's lips. He floats over to me, and hovers there.

"Thank you, Jade. I will transport you back to your house, and once your ready, just call my name. I will send Tygar over immediately."

My eyebrows shoot up. I can feel my once glowing heart race.

"He'll be staying with me?" I ask, although it was a stupid thing to say because God had literally just served it on a plate.

"Yes. Is that a problem?"

I shake my head.

"Not at all."

God grins again, and waves both hands in a circular motion.

"Off you go."

After a moment of hesitation, I am sent flying through time as I am transported back home.


I pace around the central room. If I was living I would call it a living room, but that wouldn't be entirely appropriate for a dead girl to say.

I'm going to, any minute now, have a guy I have never met LIVING with me. And what sort of name is Tygar?

No, I am being silly and irrational. I need to get myself together. He possess a power that my mum had, still has, and I should appreciate his company. Who knows? He might be pleasant.

I release a breath. Here we go. The place is tidy, clean and whiter than ever. Anyway. One... Two... Three...


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