Dead Power

Jade Knowles has been dead for some time. Heaven is almost boring to her, so when Tygar, a newly dead, arrives at the Pearly Gates, he introduces her to a world where the dead are alive...


4. God's Room

Patience edges me to knock at the door.

"Your not bothering him. He enjoys the feeling of graciousness from those inside Heaven."

I knock slowly, and the door creaks open. Bright white lights spills in a large beam through the gap. I shield my eyes with the back of my hand.

"Go inside. I'll meet you back out here once your finished" Patience assures, giving me a small shove. The white lights sucks me inside the room and the large door slams shut behind me. I move my hand away and gasp.

The rooms empty. I'm in an empty room!

"Look up" a voice booms, deep but gentle. The tone causes the floor to shake. I lift my head towards the ceiling and raise my eyebrows as I notice a man no taller than myself perched on a high balcony. She is soaking up the sunlight and I cannot see his face. The only thing I can make out is a long and flowing robe with a gold rope tie, and brown leather sandals.

"Sorry, God. Forgive me for the time we took. Please, how can I assist you?" I hear myself say.

He chuckles, something far from threatening. He jumps down from the balcony and meets me at the bottom of the empty room.

"My office is just above this. Blue-upon-Heaven is a very confusing place with plenty of ups and downs. Forgive me, Jade" he smiles. He holds out his hand to me, and I take it, un-sure of what is to come. Why does he wish to see me, out of everyone in Heaven?

"Please join me in my Higher office."

I study God's face, the high cheek bones, the long beard, the piercing silver eyes...


We float towards the beam, and once we reach the end of it, we arrive. God hurried over to his large white desk, the biggest piece of furniture in the room. I gasp once again as my eyes adjust to the brightness. The room is made of glass, and the view from outside is a wonderful ocean, glistening in the sunlight.

God motions to a sofa in front of his desk.

"Please sit."

I do, and I feel like I could melt into it. It's so soft and smooth and I feel like I could lie there forever.

"Now, the reason I have brought you here, Miss Knowles, is to introduce you to a newly dead. His name is Tygar, nothing more, nothing less. He is like no other Newly Dead. He holds something that most of them don't. Something that you, Miss Knowles, might be able to relate too."

God rests back in his seat, and drums his fingers on the desk. The sound echoes around the room.

What could God be referring too? I realize I have been dead for some time, but how on earth could he expect me to remember something that I could relate too when I don't have any memories?

"Jade, your memory whirlpools might be able to refresh your mind. I have collected every single memory from every single person in Heaven, whether it's English Heaven, or American Heaven. Here is the memory you require."

God clicks his fingers and my whirlpool appears right before my eyes.


"Jade, be careful! He's armed, honey, stay back!"

I run towards my mum, holding my arms out wide. I need her embrace before it's too late...

I hear the gun fire and my mum's screeches. I run, run faster than I've ever ran.

Oh no...

Something pierces my jacket, and dives straight into my skin.

Oh my gosh, it hurts. It hurts so bad...

I fall to a kneel, and fall flat. I can't... it hurts. God, please, it hurts so much...


I brush the whirlpool away. I brush it so much that I don't realize it's gone. It is gone. It's not there. I don't have to look at it. I don't have to look at the memory where I died.

"Did you see it, Jade? Did you see what your mother did before you collapsed?" God asked patiently, and I could sense that Patience was up to no good. She had said she couldn't go any further, but I don't believe her.

"No. I was too busy dying."

I shut my eyes. Now I don't remember what I looked at. I don't remember the image. It's been wiped clean from my mind. The only thing I can think of now is my death. And that I'm in Heaven.


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