Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


6. 6

Louis's P.O.V

       Georgia and I were on a date to the park. She was pretty and nice but dark and quiet. But it was either her or that Taylor girl. And no way was I going to date a girl who's boobs were popping out. She was telling me about herself and when she was about finished talking about her interests and favorites we got mobbed by fans. I grabbed Georgia's hand and she had a worried look on her face. The fans were closing in on us. I started signing autographs and taking pictures. Then suddenly felt something pulling on my hand. I glance over and see Georgia unconscious. I pick her up bridal style.

       "GET OUT OF THE WAY" I yelled. While I was running to the car I was thinking where would I go. I remember Arooj saying she was claustrophobic and if anything happened come back to the house. So I get to the car, lay Georgia in the back seat, and start the car. I sped the that crappy flat and got there in a couple minutes. I grabbed Georgia and raced to the front door. Arooj opened immediately.

        "What happened" she asked calmly while gesturing me to follow.

        "We were in the park and we got mobbed by fans" she nodded and opened a door. Inside was the most amazing room ever. It had a black and white theme. There were realistic penguins on the wall, white furniture with black accenting. Arooj must've have seen my stunned face.

       "She drew all the penguins herself, quite amazing if I do say so my self. Set her down on the bed umm she probably not let you go so I'm guessing you have to cuddle with her." She said  kinda embarrassed.

       "No problem it's getting late anyway" she just nodded and walked away. Well I gently let her down on the bed and saw if she would let me go. Man this girl has a tight grip. So I slid in bed with her and played on my phone while waiting for her to wake up. It became 9 and I was really tired so I slid off my top and pants so I could get comfy. I held on to her small little body and kissed the topic her head and fell asleep. I think I'm falling for her.



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