Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


4. 4

Georgia's P.O.V  


          Louis looked totally pissed I mean break someone's neck pissed. 

        "Ok we'll I will be texting the dates and what to wear, all that detail to you so you guys don't have to worry about that" Paul said with a achieved smile. Louis but in and asked a question with a straight emotionless face.

         "Do you have a plan on how we are going to meet in public?"

         "Oh well, hmm I haven't had that part figured out yet, any Ideas?" He asked looking up at us. I looked out the window and saw that it was raining. I glanced over at Louis and he just shook his head no.

         " I do" I softly spoke but I guess no one heard me because they were staring at the floor thinking. So I decided to speak up for once.

          "I have an Idea," I stated louder than usual talk.  Louis looked at me shocked. Paul gave me the hand motion to go on. 

          "I rode my skateboard here and it's raining so I start to go home and Louis can follow and pick me up and take me home, just and idea" 

          "Well I can't think of anything else so let's go with that" Paul said desperate.

          "Ok I"ll leave first to get my car, leave the building in 5 minutes" Louis ordered with a firmhigh voice and emotionless face. So he left Paul and I in a awkward silence. Louis texted me to leave the building.  So I walked out of the office into the elevator out the building and that whole time posh people in fancy people kept on glaring at me. I started riding my skateboard not knowing when Louis was gonna pick me up. 5 minutes later a black Lamborghini bulled up next to me. The person who owned the car pulled the dark tinted windows. It was Louis in Ray bans and a beanie. 


         "Get in!" He yelled harshly which made me flinch cause I usually got anxiety attack when people yelled at me since my childhood was awful. I walked onto the wet road to the other side into the expensive car. The car ride was silent except when he asked when he asked when to turn. We got to my small rundown flat. I awkwardly mumbled a bye, went inside and passed out. 


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