Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


3. 3

     Georgia's P.O.V 

           "Well here he is girls Louis Tomlinson" Barbie screamed and I just sat there and did a I don't care wave.   

            "Why don't you introduce yourselves" Paul insisted. Barbie ran up to him and introduced her self while I was taking my time. 

             When it was my turn I went up to him and shook his hand "Georgia" I said quietly.  He was staring at my hand.

             "Woah sick tattoo what's that symbolize" he asked really interested. 

             "The illuminati it's a group of people that believe they posses a special knowledge." I answered and pulled my hand back. 

              "Well Louis who isn't gonna be Georgia or Taylor" Paul asked impatiently.

              "I choose Georgie" he said while smiling I just stayed quiet and shy while Barbie aka Taylor burst out in tears.

               "Follow me let me show you the contract" Paul guided me and Louis to his desk.

                "This is the contract. You 2 will pretend to date for 18 months. If you brake that you will be sued is that clear.  I just nodded.  " Good just sign here,". I grabbed the pen and put it on the pare and hesitated a bit. Then I signed my signature and regretted what I just did. 



AN Hi everyone umm thanks please like and share this movella hopefully I will be updating one chapter a day please tell ur friends about this story.  Also sorry for the short chapter.                




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