Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


2. 2


    Georgia's P.O.V 


            Beep beep beep

          I groaned and hit the off button my phone.  I laid there for a while and thought about why I was awake so early and remembered about that Paul guy. So I got up and took a shower.  I got out and wrapped my body in a towel and put my favorite song sweater weather on while I blow dried my hair. Since my hair is naturally straight I left it alone. I put on some mascara and pencil eyeliner on my water line.  I slipped on my Lana Del Rey crop top showing my belly and some red high wasted shorts. I put on my little sister bracelet that I wore every day. Then I put on some neon socks and my red Keds. Last but not least my red New York Yankees hat and I was out the door on my skateboard

        I looked at the card for the address so I could put into my phone but when I looked at it I already knew where it was so I followed my instinct.  I arrived to this really tall shiny building and went inside to get this thing over with. I went to the front desk where the receptionist was a teenager.  

       "Hi my name is Jessica how May I help you" she said to me overly perky right when I  the desk.

       " Hello I'm here for Paul Higgins" I replied trying not to act annoyed since I can't really hide my emotions well.  

       "Ok that's floor number 15. His secretary should let you in" 

       " thank you" I said walking to the elevator. I hit the number 15 and do heck my phone while I wait. I got a text from Arooj.

A: where you at bitch 

G: goin to that Paul guy gtg ttyl love you and I'm doing this for us

          I put my phone away and walk out of the elevator and walked to they secretary desk.

         "Hi I'm here for Paul Higgins" I said politely but shyly since I really don't like people. 

         "You must be Georgia, Mr. Higgins has been waiting for you" she led me through 2 doors and to a chair facing a big desk where Paul was sitting. There was also another girl. She has Dirty blonde hair and wore a skimpy outfit. Her boobs were practically falling out of her tube top and I could see her woo hoo under her mini skirt. 

          "Welcome Georgia please sit let me explain how the process is gonna go. I will bring Louisin and he will pick one of you and the other will go home. Any questions? Good I'll be right back."















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