Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


1. 1

"Hey Arooj can u get me a bucket of water so I can mop," I asked my cousin/ sisters.

"How about I mop and you can get the last costumer. Please Georgie you need to                

     Socialize with other people. I'm begging you," I don't know if you caught on but I'm not a people person. I've been hurt to much I just can't let anyone in.

         "Fine but only this person," I wiped my hands while walking to the counter and put a fake smile on my face.

         "Hi how may I help you" I said happily while the inside of me was so dark.  I've see this guy a lot he always eyes which is really creepy.

        " Hello love I'm Paul Higgins manager of the biggest boy band in the world One direction how would you like to earn some big bucks doing something small,". Arooj and I really needed money we could barely get grocery, pay our rent, and our phone bills. So of course I was interested 

        "I'm listening, what's this small job?"

        "How would you like to date THE Louis Tomlinson" he said really happily and excited.

       "How much does it pay?" I asked with a straight face. I hated one direction it was so stereotypical and deal they made was love songs.  I'm into rock and indie. 

       " 100,000 dollars a month. Here's my card if your interested come to my office at. 12:00 tomorrow"he said still really perky.

         "Ok thanks for the opportunity." I replied. Being the polite self I am. He turned around and left.  Arooj comes out of the back and we ride home on our skateboards.  While we were skating I told her what happened and asked for advice.

        "I don't knew its up to you I men I think it's a good Idea and we could use the money" that was the reason I had to do it the money. We got to our flat 5 minutes later and I put my alarm on for 10:30 because I really wanted to make a good impression. Even though I'm a tomboy I still take a long time to get ready. I slipped on my batman pajamas, put my hair in a messy bun and passed out









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