They Don't Know About Us

So, this story is about a girl,named Hannah Rogers, and she wouldn't give a (teehee) about herself any day. She knew that every guy in the school was taken; and if there was any guy left, they wouldn't even think about going out with her. But that all changes when a guy, named Jacob Ferguson, decides to talk to her after school on September 26, 2013. This is from Hannah's POV (point of view).


1. Prologue

I never thought a guy would ask me out. . . I mean, c'mon. Who would want a girl who would care less about herself? But. . . He's different. . . The way his eyes twinkle when he sees me. . . The way he kisses my cheek when he bids me goodbye. . . That million dollar smile he flashes when I blush like crazy. . . Hell, everything!

Oh dear! Silly me! I needn't jump to conclusion. . . Dear God, help me now. I'm becoming (gasp) proper! *clears throat) Okay, let's just get on with the story. (Ps. My face will be as red as a tomato...)


Well, there's the prologue! Are you wondering about Hannah and Jacob? Are you wondering how the title fits into this? Do I really have to do this? . . . I'm not sure about the others, but this one is a definite NOPE.


I hope you guys love this story! I understand this is only the prologue, but just for future reference: I hope you guys really like this story!

The first official chapter will be posted in a year.




HA! Just kidding! Probably in a few minutes:) 

In the mean time, enjoy this conversation I'm technically having with myself:)



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