Finding the Black Sheep

Mr. George is a renowned retired cop from New York. As all he likes is solving crime and murders, he opens a private detective agency. Will he have a good start?


1. The First Case

“Good Morning Alex!” greeted Mr. George, while he was entering his new office.

“Good morning sir. Here’s your tea” said Alex.

“Thank you Alex. I bought you a kit that will be useful for the job you and I will be doing. Here, take it.”

 George worked as a cop in New York. He was a renowned personality, for his intelligence and for his humor. When George retired and formed a private detective agency, Alex, a teen came to work with him as an assistant.

Both were having a conversation till a woman opened the door and came in. She was fat and seemed as a middle aged lady who wore a pink dress, and had spectacles. She was looking very worried.

“Good Morning Mam. May I help you?” asked George.

“Good Morning Sir. I am Clara from the royal family and need your help urgently. This is about a theft.”

“Okay but what was stolen?”

“A two million dollar jewel”

George and Alex looked each other confused.

“Give your address Mam and we will take a look”


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