Summer '09

One summer, one boy and one girl. Harry Styles is going to the same camp site for years now. He has loads of friends and plenty of girls who practically drool over him. But who is the new girl?


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV

"Mom, are we nearly there?" I ask annoyed. The drive from Holmes Chapel to just a little bit above Girona is waaaaaaaaaay to long.

"Just a few more hours, now stop complaining." My mom answers for the millionth time this trip.

"Don't act like you couldn't have seen it coming. I told you I didn't want to go this year."

"Yes you did, several times. And I've considered the option and discussed this with you, several times."

"But you didn't book a different trip or cancelled or vacation."

"No because I like it here better than the other locations that we could go to and I'm not giving up my few weeks from home because you don't want to go."

"Then you should have left me home with grandma or something."

"Harry your grandma is getting older too. I can't expect her to do things like this."

"And how about dad?" I regret the question as soon as I ask it. I know my mom's thoughts on the subject of my father. She doesn't like the fact that he pretty much ignores me since they divorced when I was 7. 

"You want to be there rather than with me in Spain?"

"No mom, but I already know all these people, I've seen all the cities a million times, the camp site won't be different either. It's just exactly the same as last year and the year before that and the year before that."

"But every year we go there and you have a good time, right?"

"Yeah mom, but... I don't know. I just have a feeling this year will be different and I don't know if it's a good kind of different."

"If it's not, we'll make it a good kind of different, okay?"

I sigh. "When does Gemma arrive?" 

"Later tonight. She might be a bit tired since she returned this morning from her trip to Italy. So be nice to her."


*a few hours later*

"Welcome home Harry." My mom says while we drive on the parking area in front of the camp site. By now I must say I'm pretty excited too. I walk together with my mom up to the front desk to check in. After that we drive up to our little bungalow. On the way I see a few familiar faces and start smiling. "Told you you would still like it here." I keep smiling until we reach the bungalow. I wonder if we have neighbors this year. Usually the family camping in a tent next to our bungalow would be Jamie's but he couldn't be here this year because his parents are taking him to Africa. When we turn the corner the first thing I notice is that there is a tent standing in the spot so, yes I have neighbors. But I also notice that there is a car next to the bungalow behind ours. And I don't know if I like it or not that behind my bungalow are now two familiar faces. Number one: Josh, my best friend here. Number two: His crazy little sister Isabelle, who has a weird obsession with me and claimes I'm her boyfriend. When we stand still I first help my mom bring all that bags and suitcases in the little bungalow and claim the kingsize bed. When I walk outside to grab the last bag I look at the tent next to us and see a really cute girl sitting in a chair, reading a book. Damn, she's cute.


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