Into Nowhere

Tristan Tyler is on his way to a job interview when the train he is on crashes. He awakes to see a ghost and follows it to a deserted railway...


2. Part Two

Part 2

The train shook. And shuddered and bounced and bumped. Worried children cried out, parents comforting them and many people checked the driver. This wasn't a trick. Bangs arose and the smell of smoke filled Tristan's nostrils as he fell over, grazing his head on the floor. Fires started, causing people to fall unconscious. But Tristan still stood strong. He was eager to help everyone on the train and make sure they were still breathing in the process. He helped people up, treated some wounds with torn pieces of his shirt and went behind the train to investigate. No fuses were broken, no machinery was damaged and there was still power in the train. There was no reason for it to crash. Tristan dialled 999 and waited for the ambulance services to arrive. He walked back into the train and waited.

Tristan awoke. He must of fallen asleep waiting. He blinked sleep from his eyes, got up and stretched. But he could see something out of the corner if his eye. A boy. An extremely wet and pale boy. Tristan assumed that this was a child from the train and ran over to help him. But he didn't recognise him. Tristan tried to comfort and held his hand but the next thing he knew he was being whisked away. Into nowhere.

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